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DSM Hellas

Having over 30 years of presence in the Animal Production sector,  DSM Hellas is specialized in the production of premixes and mineral feed for farm animals. All vitamins are produced by DSM sites within Europe, whereas all other feed additives are sourced by well known and certified companies via central agreements. Both our company and our suppliers are FAMI QS certified that assures quality control and application of HACCP. Our innovative products (enzymes, probiotics, flavor enhancers, carotenoids, omega - 3 fatty acids, chelated minerals, organic acids etc.) together with a highly educated and knowledgeable team, offer numerous nutritional solutions to maximize return from available genetics of farmed animals. Our activities and differentiation stand upon the following parameters : Quality, Reliability, Traceability, Sustainability

The creation of new, valuable collaborations, respect for humans, livestock and the environment as well as our essential contribution to the prosperity of the Animal Production sector, are the most important pillars of our company's policy.

With many years presence in the field of Animal Production sector, we guarantee consistency, quality and reliable support to our partners.

Optimum Vitamin Nutrition and a series of other zootechnical feed additives by DSM (enzymes, acidifiers, probiotics, essential oils e.t.c) can significantly enhance the immune system of piglets. Product brands like Ronozyme, VevoVvitall, Cylactin, Crina, Vevomin are well known and adopted in feeding programms of growing pigs worldwide thus, contributing to fully exploiting the genetic potential of animals in the most cost effective manner. Furthermore, innovative nutritional solutions (Rovimix HyD, DHA ω3 fatty acids, Benzoic acid e.t.c) allow the modern sow genotypes to produce more and healthier pigs.

DSM has developed integrated nutrition solutions and targeted strategies in the pig industry, which help reduce the environmental impact while offering a significant improvement in yields and profitability.

In a mature market, broiler and layer breeding farms are searching for ways to produce more and safer meat, with the most cost effective pattern. DSM Nutitional Products brings along a vast experience in premix production as well as feed additive production and launches that make the above mentioned targets feasible. Handling a wide product portfolio that among other includes vitamins (Rovimix), enzymes (Ronozyme), eubiotics (Cylactin), essential oils (Crina) DSM enables the reduction of feed costs with an environmentally friendly manner.

DSM guidelines for ruminants nutrition (Optimum Vitamin Nutrition) considered to be a point of refference for all nutritionists worldwide. Production parameters such as lactation and feed convesion ratio improved using Crina Ruminants (blend of essential oils). Rovimix β-carotene contributes to overcome fertility issues that erased more and more to lactating cows nowadays. Inclusion of Cylactin (probiotic) to calves nutrition enhances intestine health. All the above in compliance with our commitment for a sustainable animal production during current intensive farm management conditions.

The production of premixes and mineral feed requires thorough knowledge of every single ingredient as per their physical properties, their behavior under various environmental conditions and potential interactions between them. Stability, bioavailability, flowability and mixability of feed additives are the most important elements that define quality of premixes. Thermal and physical treatments, storage time and animal requirements need thorough attention when formulating end evaluating premix quality. The application of HACCP in our processes assure the absence of undesirable substances according to EU law requirements. 

During receipt and storage of raw materials, potencies and undesirable substances are controlled following a detailed analytical plan.
Blends are formulated by qualified nutritionists with thorough knowledge of powder mixing. Physicochemical characteristics, stability, bioavailability, interactions and recommended levels are considered  for each nutrient.
Unique bar code labels  are used in each production step from weighing and mixing to packing and dispatch to the customer.
Validated mixing time and order of the nutrients assure optimum mixability and homogeneity below 5% assuring compliance with the EU legislation.
A fully equipped laboratory takes care of Quality control of raw materials and finish blends.

We have laboratory analysis that allow us to measure moisture content, fiber, protein, fat, ash, etc., in our raw materials and feeds by wet chemistry. This type of analysis are expensive, less environmental friendly and too slow to support an accurate and precision nutrition.

Since many years, DSM has lead the NIRS service to our customers, developing and offering new equations that allows us to quantify nutrients in raw materials with high speed and few resources, while keeping a high accuracy and precision. It also can measure the substrate present in our raw materials to better dose products, specially enzymes. These ecuations include:

  • Phytate content (Phytic Phosphorus)
  •  Soya digestibility
  • NSP (non‐starch polysaccharides)

NIRS support us to better design diets to ensure nutrients in the feed, but also to optimize feeding costs.


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