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We understand that developing and launching pharmaceuticals is time-consuming and complex. We also know how to turn our scientific insights into high-performance products that will support patients’ health and recovery. That’s why we go beyond products to offer quality customized solutions – from premix to shelf-life solutions – that are designed to help bring your drug product to market faster, more efficiently and with enduring success.

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Tailored premixes

Our premix solutions are designed to help develop customized products that are as unique as the patients you serve. 

As your end-to-end partner, we can help define and differentiate your drug products, simplify your manufacturing processes and inspire breakthrough innovations. With an ANVISA-certified premix plant in Columbia, we have the resources and knowledge to create specific customized blends of ingredients in one single, efficient and homogenous premix to suit your application. Connect with your local DSM representative for support developing compliant premix solutions. 



Enhance the shelf-life of your pharmaceutical

The loss of potency during storage can influence the efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals. Our custom pharma-grade antioxidants are scientifically proven to effectively protect active ingredients from oxidation or degradation and increase the shelf-life of your drug product. 

Connect with a DSM expert to ensure the quality of your pharmaceutical is not compromised during storage. 


A trusted network of partners

We can connect you to a global network of CDMOs and CMOs to enhance your manufacturing capabilities. Bringing drug products to market quickly and safely requires trusted partners. DSM can connect you to a network of verified CDMOs and CMOs with the technical expertise, capabilities and experience needed to enhance your drug development and manufacturing process; accelerating speed to market and simplifying the commercial launch of your next purpose-led innovation.

Find out how our reliable partners can support your next product launch. 

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