Products with Purpose: New DSM Brand Strategy Marks Transition to End-to-End Pharmaceutical Partner

By: dsm-firmenich Pharma Solutions Editors

dsm-firmenich launches ‘Products with Purpose,’ reflecting the business’s evolved strategic brand direction as an end-to-end partner to companies in the global pharmaceutical market. 

A reliable, innovative, end-to-end partner

dsm-firmenich has built a robust legacy in the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) market. Its perception solely as an ingredient provider no longer reflects the reality of dsm-firmenich as a business.

“Our evolution has witnessed dsm-firmenich moving beyond supplying ingredients to providing our customers with science-backed products, customized solutions and expert services. As such, our pioneering brand strategy now fully reflects dsm-firmenich’s complete offering across its core markets, including the Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplements market among others,” said Outi Armstrong, HNH Nutritional Products Head of Global Marketing Communications.

“Today’s brand owners and manufacturers are looking for flexibility, agility, reliability and collaboration in a partner. Whether they are looking for a specific ingredient, premix capabilities or end-to-end support in bringing a product from concept development to creation; simplifying the way we present our business enables us to find the right solution and, ultimately, accelerate products to market to benefit patient health.”

Introducing Products with Purpose

The new brand strategy communicates dsm-firmenich’s customer-centric approach through every stage of the product life cycle from concept to patient. This includes restructuring dsm-firmenich’s broad human nutrition and health portfolio around three key pillars: high-quality products, customized solutions and expert services.

“dsm-firmenich is a global, purpose-led, science-based company active in nutrition, health, and sustainable living. We help build future-proof, agile, and safe therapeutic innovations that help keep the world’s growing population healthy and improve the quality of patients’ lives. This focus is at the heart of the ‘Products with Purpose’ campaign, which is deeply rooted in our core values of responsibility, sustainability and value,” continued Outi Armstrong.

“Where some of our competitors see each product as merely an item on a shelf, we are able to see the humanity behind our customers’ products – understanding the patients who use the products, the real-world benefits they bring and their ability to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges to create brighter lives.”  

Inspired by people, delivered by experts

dsm-firmenich’s commitment to making substantial future investments in excellence and sustainability also means its global production network remains high quality and cutting-edge. The company’s global network of GMP-compliant production facilities along with process expertise ensure a consistent high-quality and secure supply of vitamin APIs and lipid intermediates. Combined with dsm-firmenich’s comprehensive regulatory expertise, this means faster time-to-market.

Co-Innovate to bring new products to market

dsm-firmenich brings expertise and innovation to co-develop new over-the-counter products and prescription medicines in this ever-changing and competitive marketplace.  The organization also realizes the importance of post-launch success; lifecycle management support programs ensure the continued growth and evolution of these products across their entire lifecycle. dsm-firmenich’s 400-strong R&D team, portfolio of patents, global network of regulatory specialists, and key scientific, academic, and manufacturing partnerships provide the foundational capabilities for timely and effective product co-innovation. 

dsm-firmenich’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable supply makes us your ideal end-to-end partner to address emerging therapeutic areas benefiting global patient health while helping our customers achieve long-term growth.

Partner with DSM for access to our broad portfolio of APIs, customized solutions, and expert services aimed at supporting your entire product life cycle. Contact us for more information.  

Published on

29 October 2020


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