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The past year had limited opportunities for pharmaceutical professionals to connect face-to-face. As an end-to-end, purpose-led, innovative partner, DSM is organizing a unique, interactive virtual event for industry stakeholders in the EMEA region. The online environment will include industry-specific live webinars and Q&As across three days, and visitors will be able to speak with both DSM experts and high-profile guest speakers to explore innovations, regulatory updates and scientific research across the pharmaceutical industry. DSM’s Co-CEO Dimitri de Vreeze will also join DSM Expo 2021 to discuss DSM’s sustainability and purpose-led brand strategy for developing innovative, sustainable pharmaceutical solutions that help keep the world’s growing population healthy.

‘We see therapies that safely and efficiently help to improve people’s lives’

From value-added medicines and high-dose cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) to lipid API intermediates, DSM Expo 2021 presents a variety of science-driven live webinars and Q&As for pharmaceutical professionals. 

Meeting the healthcare needs of patients is not only centered around generating new molecules and drugs, but also optimizing existing pharmaceutical solutions. CEO of Generapharm, Malcolm Ross, will explore the potential of building on existing medicines for improving both business profitability and patient care and outcomes. From market exclusivity, potential patent protection, lower development costs and shorter production timeframes to improved efficacy and safety rates, repurposed medicines bring value to patients and pharma companies. Ross will discuss how effective Life Cycle Management (LCM) can allow small and medium enterprises to tap into the opportunities in this promising field to drive innovation and prolong the competitiveness of existing products. This is becoming increasingly important considering that a product stands to lose more than 95% of its value when generics enter the market. The webinar will also cover how to implement a successful value-added medicines development strategy that factors in all necessary technical and commercial considerations.  

Beyond repurposed medicines, the DSM team will discuss the history of cholecalciferol in preventive and therapeutic patient care — from its discovery and the very first treatments to the most exciting scientific developments. This session will highlight recent clinical trials and present a snapshot of current market trends and future perspectives for cholecalciferol consumer care and prescribed products. Visitors to DSM Expo 2021 will also have the opportunity to learn about lipid API intermediates for pharmaceutical applications. As the clinical science behind these bioactive lipids develops rapidly, opportunities for product innovation are opening up. DSM is a purpose-led, end-to-end, innovative partner for pharmaceutical producers looking to create lipid API intermediates and finished APIs — with a long-term focus on lipid APIs derived from plant-based sources. At DSM Expo 2021, attendees can explore DSM’s capabilities and expertise in supporting the development of pharmaceutical products with arachidonic acid (ARA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). 

At DSM, we deliver passion, innovation and scientific expertise at every stage of the product development process. This takes more than active pharmaceutical ingredients; it takes a partner.

Sign up for DSM Expo 2021 to access the full event agenda and find out more on how DSM can help you create high-quality, science-backed and fully compliant pharmaceutical products:

Published on

23 February 2021



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