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Co-creating drug delivery platforms for enhanced patient care

As the world’s unrivaled biomaterials expert and committed partner in driving sustainable innovation in healthcare, dsm-firmenich Biomedical is at the forefront of biomaterial science and process innovation. We now use this experience to enable advanced sustained release drug products in implantable or injectable product forms.

Our sustained release delivery solutions assist in the delivery of medications to a precise target area in the body. Currently, we offer two proprietary, highly versatile polymer technologies that serve as platforms for the development of long-acting formulations of active pharmaceutical ingredients. ​

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Biodegradable polymer platform

Our biodegradable polyester amide (PEA) platform provides formulators with the ability to develop sustained release systems with small molecule drugs and biologics for systemic and site-specific parenteral drug delivery. Release duration can be regulated from weeks to greater than 6 months (dependent on drug and final product form).


Biostable polymer platform

Our clinically proven biomedical polyurethanes offer formulators a customizable platform from which to create long-acting drug delivery systems, with a duration of multiple months. Our extensive polymer expertise allows customization of both the bulk and surface chemistries for targeted compositions based on your formulation’s pharmaceutical attributes and hydrophilicity requirements.

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