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Our businesses

DSM’s activities have been grouped into business groups representing coherent product/market combinations. The business group directors report directly to the Managing Board.


The Nutrition cluster comprises DSM Food Specialties and DSM Nutritional Products. The nutrition and food ingredients businesses serve the food, feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Activities are based on an in-depth knowledge of customer/market needs. With customized formulation activities in more than 44 locations and a marketing/sales presence reaching over 60 countries, customer intimacy is a key success factor. Technical expertise is based on application know-how and innovation translating market needs into products and services with new benefits. Technologies in the Nutrition cluster are broad, utilizing DSM’s competences in biotechnology (including fermentation), chemical process technology and particle engineering. DSM is the world’s largest vitamin producer and holds leading positions in the ingredient markets for Human Nutrition & Health, Animal Nutrition & Health as well as Personal Care.

Performance Materials

The Performance Materials cluster comprises the business groups DSM Dyneema, DSM Engineering Plastics and DSM Resins & Functional Materials. These business groups specialize in the manufacture of technologically sophisticated, high-quality products that are tailored to meet customers’ performance criteria. DSM is recognized as a front-runner in creating and introducing sustainable innovative solutions. Its performance materials are used in a wide variety of end-use markets including: Automotive/TransportationBuilding & Construction, Electrical & Electronics, Marine, Packaging & Graphic ArtsPaint & Coatings and Sports, Leisure & Consumer Goods.

Emerging Business Areas

DSM's Emerging Business Areas provide strong, long-term growth platforms that optimally combine the available competences in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences. The company currently has three Emerging Business Areas: DSM Bio-based Products & Services, DSM Biomedical and DSM Advanced Surfaces.

Polymer Intermediates & Composite Resins

On 31 July 2015 DSM and CVC Capital Partners (CVC) announced that with the formation of a new company, ChemicaInvest B.V., the partnership for DSM’s activities in Polymer Intermediates and Composite Resins had been finalized. DSM owns 35% of ChemicaInvest B.V.

The former Polymer Intermediates cluster consisted of the DSM Fibre Intermediates business group which produces caprolactam and acrylonitrile, the raw materials for synthetic fibers and plastics. In addition, the business produces ammonium sulfate, sodium cyanide, cyclohexanone and diaminobutane.

The former DSM Composite Resins business unit provides resins solutions for lightweight composites used in trucks and trains, bridges, building façades, trenchless pipe renovation and wind-turbine blades.

ChemicaInvest operates as an independent company with three business units: caprolactam, acrylonitrile and composite resins. DSM will report on its investment in ChemicaInvest B.V. as an associated account in accordance with the equity (35%) method rather than as ongoing business. Consequently as of 31 July 2015 the Polymer Intermediates (DSM Fibre Intermediates) cluster and Composite Resins business are no longer included in DSM’s core EBITDA or activities.


With the announcement on 11 March 2014 that Patheon (formerly DPx Holdings B.V.) was operational, DSM concluded its strategic objectives of leveraging partnerships for growth for its pharma cluster.

DSM reports on its investments in both Patheon and DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals as an associated account in accordance with the equity (49% & 50% respectively) method rather than as ongoing business. Consequently as of 1 January 2014 the Pharma cluster is no longer included in DSM’s core EBITDA or activities.