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Are you a manufacturer striving to create differentiated dog & cat nutritional products that delivers on-trend benefits in fortification, sensory qualities and microbiome modulation? Here at DSM Food & Beverage we have 60 years’ experience in helping customers produce delicious, nutritious and sustainable solutions – so that pet parents and their furry friends can enjoy it all.  

We see a fast-evolving petfood market where pets are increasingly regarded by their owners as valuable family members – deserving of the same nutritional care and attention as their human counterparts. That means food with enhanced sensory qualities, based on high-quality, natural, and nutritious ingredients – that are good for both pets and planet.

It’s why our petfood group now resides within our human Food & Beverage business (while simultaneously leveraging our long history in animal nutrition & science). It means you can be assured of a unique portfolio of ingredients and solutions supported by a dedicated global Petfood team with 300-plus combined years of experience. Taste, texture and health: it really isn’t just for humans anymore.

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Dog & cat nutritional product solutions we offer you


Fortify your dog & cat nutritional products with our unrivalled portfolio of nutritious and convenient nutrition solutions. As a global leader in premix application technology, we can deliver a customized blend of ingredients that include high-quality vitamins, carotenoids, nutritional lipids and other functional ingredients.


Leverage our heritage and expertise in taste and texture solutions for human nutrition to create differentiated and on-trend dog & cat nutritional products. Our sustainable meat-free sensory solutions help you limit certain meat types in your product formulations – opening up a whole new world of opportunity.


If you’re looking to take pet health and wellness to the next level, look no further than our microbiome (gut health) solutions for dogs and cats. They enable a healthy gastrointestinal tract but also go ‘beyond the gut’.


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Our portfolio of ingredients for pet nutrition

We offer a vast portfolio of sustainably produced vitamins and nutrients for dog & cat nutritional products – available in customized blends for all regions: NA, EMEA, APAC, LTAM and CHINA.

Omega-3 for dogs & cats: DHAgold™

Our vegan and sustainably sourced DHA Omega-3 supports the health and wellbeing of dogs & cats at every life stage.

Optimum pet nutrition with OVN™

The Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN™) program provides assurance that pets are getting the full value from vitamin fortification.

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Our Premix Academy offers customized programs to customers and their teams – join us!
Looking for β-Carotene which remains stable through processing? Look no further, our ROVIMIX® β-Carotene 10% P is the answer.

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