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Code of Business Conduct

People: the human dimension

Respect for people, recognition of their fundamental rights and a belief in the power of their diversity are key principles underlying DSM’s policies and operations. This translates into a Human Resources Policy that is based on openness, fairness and trust and is aimed at promoting personal growth and integrating different views. It also translates into top priority for safety and health. And in the broader context of our business activities, it means that we acknowledge and respect fundamental human rights as defined by the United Nations.

Planet: the environmental dimension

At DSM, we are keenly aware of our responsibility for the environment, and we are convinced of the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship and good corporate citizenship. This means that we strive to conduct our activities in a way that meets today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. As part of this commitment, we endorse the obligations as formulated in the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® Program.

Profit: the economic dimension

We seek to achieve long term profitability and to contribute to the success of our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders by entering into partnerships with them and jointly creating sustainable value. All these partnerships are based on free, fair, transparent, ethical and legally compliant business practices, about which we seek to maintain a constructive dialogue with the community.