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DSM's roots in Switzerland date back to the 1930s and 1940s, when a scientific breakthrough paved the way for the commercial production of vitamins. This milestone in the history of nutrition opened up new possibilities in the fight against numerous serious diseases and is the foundation for DSM's position today as the world's largest vitamin producer.

In recent decades, DSM has evolved into a leading supplier of nutritional ingredients – including food enzymes, lipids, nutraceuticals and bacterial cultures – and an indispensable innovation partner for the international food and health industry.

With more than 3,300 employees in the Basel region and 200 employees in the canton of Valais, Switzerland is a central location for DSM’s global research and development, production, and marketing. Kaiseraugst is home to two of DSM’s business units "Animal Nutrition & Health" and "Health, Nutrition & Care". With their recent scientific discoveries, DSM’s employees in Switzerland continue to contribute to significant advances in nutrition and health including, among other things, discovering how completely bio-based vitamin A can be produced and how methane emissions from cattle farming can be reduced safely and significantly.

Creating brighter lives for all

With its research and innovations, DSM targets the major challenges of the global food system and its consequences for human and planetary health. We have set ourselves ambitious goals that we want to achieve by 2030 to enable a healthier life and a healthier plane

For people

  • Put an end to malnutrition for around 800 million people
  • Strengthen the immune system of 500 million people

For the planet

  • Reduce emissions from livestock farming (greenhouse gases, ammonia and phosphorus) by a double-digit percentage
  • Provide 150 million people with nutrient- and protein-rich and sustainable plant-based foods

For the livelihood of farmers

  • Support 500,000 smallholder farmers

Our nutrition solutions already improve the well-being of more than 2.5 billion people every year. Our goal is to create added value for our customers, employees, and shareholders as well as for people today and for future generations.

Our three business areas

Health, Nutrition & Care
Headquartered in Switzerland, the division uses tailor-made solutions to promote people's health at all stages of life, including early childhood nutrition, dietary supplementation, food fortification and medical nutrition. In the fight against global malnutrition, we work closely with partners such as the United Nations World Food Programme and UNICEF to develop innovative functional food and fortification initiatives to improve the lives of millions of people.

We also supply the Personal Care, Home Care and Fine Fragrances markets with vitamins and natural bio-active ingredients, UV filters, peptides and polymers to increase people's well-being.

Food & Beverage
Headquartered in the Netherlands, the business area draws on 150 years of experience in fermentation and biotechnology to make food and beverages not only tastier but also better for us and the planet. Through the use of yeasts, micronutrients, organic preservatives and more, we help our customers satisfy consumers' appetites for sustainable, nutrient-rich and delicious products – from climate-neutral dairy products to plant-based meat alternatives and longer-lasting fresh baked goods to sugar alternatives. 

Our solutions make an important contribution to reducing food waste and loss, ensuring improved efficiency in times of dramatic cost inflation for customers and consumers.

Animal Nutrition & Health
Headquartered in Switzerland, the division develops solutions for the challenges associated with the growing global demand for animal protein (whether meat, dairy products, eggs or fish). We develop science-based feed solutions that promote animal welfare, contribute to high-quality food and at the same time reduce the impact on the planet. Groundbreaking innovations developed by DSM scientists include Bovaer®, a methane inhibitor for cattle, and Veramaris®, a sustainable alternative to fish oil derived from algae.

Our products also include vitamins, carotenoids and feed additives for mycotoxin management and are supported by pioneering data-based services. These include, for example, Sustell™ to identify possible environmental improvements on the farm and Verax™ for optimizing the health and performance of animals.


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