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Transitioning for a sustainable future


dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health

Our purpose as a company is to create brighter lives for all. We cannot be successful, nor even call ourselves successful, in a world that fails. If we are to feed, sustainable and responsibly, the 9.7 billion people who are expected to share our planet by 2050, the time to change is now. Our work supports the development of a more sustainable global animal production industry. 

By harnessing science and working in partnership with our customers, we're helping to deliver sustainable animal farming that respects animals, people and planet whilst delivering the volume, price and margin customers demand and the farming community is capable of supplying.

As these challenges have become more advanced, so too has our offer which we've transitioned into three business lines. Essential Products, Performance Solutions + BIOMIN® and Precision Services.
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Addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow

To provide for animals, people and planet sustainably, we need to find new solutions — innovative, science-based solutions to safeguard our environment for generations to come.

We develop solutions to address the challenges our customers face today, with an understanding of how the industry is being shaped for the future. By investing in technologies and precision services, we enable the industry to transition for greater sustainability and profitability.


Feeding the world sustainably and responsibly

At dsm-firmenich, we’re committed to creating an industry that can meet the nutritional needs of a rapidly growing population, while remaining within critical planetary boundaries.

Collaborating closely with our customers, we’re working to solve some of today’s biggest global challenges to bring about a fairer and more prosperous society for all.

Improving Nutrition & Performance

We aim to improve the nutrition and lifetime performance of farm animals by improving animal health and welfare at every stage of the lifecycle. Optimizing the health of livestock is essential for improving animal performance and overall production efficiency and thereby helping to drive more sustainable animal production.

Supporting Animal Health

Consumers, veterinarians and farmers all share an interest in healthier farm animals. Healthy animals are more productive, have a lower impact on the environment and less need for antibiotic treatment.

Enhancing End-product Quality

Animal protein is a key part of healthy, balanced nutrition and is also essential for the provision of key micronutrients. Specific nutritional intervention during the animal production period can help enhance end-product quality and thereby help to avoid food waste.

Ensuring Sustainability & Animal Welfare

Animal farming has to reduce the emissions it produces, cutting levels of methane and nitrous oxide and reducing ammonia emissions. We are helping to enable a low-emissions future for animal farming while supporting animal welfare.

Safeguarding Feed Quality

Better animal nutrition improves animal health and performance while reducing the environmental footprint and generating sustainable returns on investment. With our portfolio spanning from enzymes to mycotoxin risk management techniques, we are supporting animal health, helping to make more efficient use of natural resources and thereby safeguarding feed quality.

Leading the way in


We Make It Possible

At dsm-firmenich, we are committed to creating an industry that can meet the nutritional needs of the world's rapidly growing population, while remaing within critical planetary boundaries. Collaborating closely with our customers, we work to solve some of today's biggest global challenges, helping to bring about a fairer and more prosperous society for all.

The need to provide enough animal protein for a growing population, while reducing the environmental costs of farming will require smart science and innovative solutions. To address this challenge, dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition and Health has launched We Make It Possible.