Application and Technical Services

Delivering expert guidance and cutting-edge technical capabilities

Our leading ingredient expertise and application knowledge, paired with unique technical capabilities, support you in overcoming complex formulation challenges and bridge early-stage, late-stage and commercial product needs. 

Partnering with dsm-firmenich provides access to a global network of application labs and dedicated specialist teams, for all your new product development needs. Plus, we can tailor our approach to match your unique requirements or overcome challenges specific to your formulation. 

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Formulation knowledge

From formulation problem-solving to reformulation advice, our team has the knowledge to make your next drug product a success, whatever the challenge. 

Expertise in oral dose applications

 We have extensive expertise in the formulation of oral dosage applications, enabling the development of robust and high-performing drug products. 

Parenteral drug delivery technologies

We can support with the full life cycle management of highly specialized parenteral drug solutions, from the earliest stages of production all the way to market launch and beyond.


Our state-of-the-art biotechnology facilities are powering innovation in bio-based drug development space.

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