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We’re passionate about pioneering the next frontier in medicine – one that’s fueled by cannabinoid research and development. As an end-to-end partner to our customers, we offer a unique innovation platform powered by expert services. Designed to enhance the odds of therapeutic breakthroughs and streamline development pathways in the cannabinoid space, we’re enabling our customers to unlock new treatment possibilities and convenience for patients worldwide.

Discover our high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) pharma API portfolio, as well as the technical, clinical and regulatory expertise you need to navigate the ever-evolving cannabinoid market and expand into new geographies with confidence.

Stronger together

dsm-firmenich and Brains Bioceutical bring proven capabilities to simplify complex cannabinoid research and development; helping to reduce risks across the entire drug development pathway and support your path to success.


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Groundbreaking CBD solid oral dosage forms provide enhanced bioavailability and stability

Discover our novel cannabidiol (CBD) solid oral dosage forms, offering high potency, excellent stability and up to five-fold higher bioavailability compared to commercial oil-dissolved CBD products. Download our scientific poster to learn more about this innovative solution for effective CBD delivery.

Discover the latest science: Novel amorphous solid dispersions of cannabidiol (CBD) developed using hot melt extrusion

Discover our latest research on innovative CBD formulations that enhance solubility and bioavailability. Download our scientific poster to learn how hot melt extrusion can produce stable, high drug-load amorphous solid dispersions of CBD.

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WHITEPAPER: Cannabinoid-based drug development

Due diligence considerations across the development journey 

Learn how to navigate the complexities of cannabinoid-based innovation more effectively. Download our whitepaper to uncover the key considerations at every stage of the drug pathway – from choosing the right cannabinoid API, all the way to fine-tuning patient experience, convenience and compliance.


Is pharma CBD a potential therapy for mental health disorders?

Held in partnership with Manufacturing Chemist, this webinar features Professor José Alexandre de Souza Crippa (Department of Neurosciences and Behavior, University of São Paulo, Brazil) and Dr Mariana Coelho (Clinical Project Scientist at dsm-firmenich) and investigates the latest promising research behind CBD API as a potential therapy for mental health conditions.

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