DSM Joins the Value Added Medicines Group

By:  dsm-firmenich Pharma Solutions Editors

dsm-firmenich recently joined the Value Added Medicines Group, a sector group of Medicines for Europe, the official trade association for the European generic, biosimilar and value added pharmaceutical industries.  As a leading partner for better healthcare, the organization aims to increase the health and wellbeing of all Europeans, through better access to high quality medicines.

Value added medicines are those based on known molecules that address healthcare needs and deliver relevant improvements for patients, healthcare professionals and/or payers. Added value may be achieved through repositioning (i.e. introducing new therapeutic uses or indications), reformulation or through the development of new combinations.

There remains significant untapped potential in Europe to optimize existing therapies to best meet the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and payers, while addressing remaining healthcare inefficiencies. dsm-firmenich’s partnership with the Value Added Medicines Group and Medicines for Europe reflects the deep commitment of the company to addressing unmet patient needs, such as the increasing role of drug-nutrient interactions among individuals with chronic disease. Diabetes complications, hypertension and IBD are prominent examples of chronic disease where vitamins and lipids can improve the long-term therapies and lead to better patient outcomes.

Together with other member companies in the Value Added Medicines Group, dsm-firmenich’s pharma segment aims to implement the untapped innovation to serve patient health by reinventing and optimizing medicines based on known molecules. New therapeutic uses, fewer side effects, new dosage forms, better ways of administration or easier-to-handle medicines are among the benefits that value added medicines offer to healthcare professionals – all with the ultimate goal of treating patients more effectively.

Published on

23 July 2019



3 min read

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