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There is a pressing need for innovation to bring novel pharmaceuticals to the market that will expand treatment possibilities and support the evolving treatment needs of patients with purpose. 

As part of our commitment to innovation, we have created a unique ecosystem of partners who support our in-house capabilities by bringing new insights and expertise. Together with our partners, we provide exclusive access to market-leading research platforms and formulation technologies; enabling you to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge research and providing inspiration for your next ground-breaking drug development. 

Explore our innovation and R&D services

Enhanced stability

Our expertise in formulating water and fat-soluble actives using a combination of emulsification, drying and coating technologies ensures that the end product remains stable independent of the end application format or storage conditions. 

Improved solubility

We have developed proprietary powder-catch technologies capable of enhancing active solubility and ensuring its cold water dispersibility.

Greater bioavailability

We offer a range of tailor-made solutions capable of optimizing the adsorption and bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients. 

Targeted delivery

Our targeted delivery solutions are available for gastric protection and intestinal and colonic delivery in both monolithic and multi-particulate dosage forms.

Superior technical performance

 We bring extensive expertise in powder characterization and downstream technologies – including wet granulation, direct compression and tablet coating.

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