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Optimize your drug formulation

dsm-firmenich offers a range of high-quality excipients – along with the technical expertise – to overcome complex formulation challenges and optimize drug development and performance with purpose.

Whatever your excipient need – from bioavailability enhancers to colorants and solutions to help mitigate the risk of nitrosamine formation – we have a specialist to support you along the way. 

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Bioavailability enhancers

Our expertise in enhancing the bioavailability of challenging oral and liquid formulations can boost the efficacy of your active ingredients and help meet your most ambitious drug development goals. 



Our antioxidants can be used to improve the stability of your pharmaceutical formulation. In addition, due to their role in suppressing nitrosamine formation, our ascorbic acid and α-tocopherol antioxidants are offering drug manufacturers the opportunity to address nitrosamine risk mitigation with confidence.



dsm-firmenich is a leading provider of colorant solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Our portfolio contains a wide range of high performance natural-source and nature-based carotenoids. 

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