The future of companies depends on their success in achieving sustainability at all levels.

Acting sustainably means considering precisely how today’s decisions will affect tomorrow: economically, environmentally, and socially. Thanks to the new combined heat and power plant, the DSM site will soon receive half of its required steam from renewable energy sources. An essential step towards meeting important DSM targets – such as producing more and more valuable products, while at the same time reducing the amount of raw materials used and minimizing greenhouse gas emission.

Taking on social responsibility.

Social responsibility is a way of life at the DSM Sisseln site, both in terms of our employees and the people of the region. This includes enabling employees to achieve the greatest possible work-life balance. Respect, trust, and responsibility in daily interaction lay the foundations for a high level of identification with the site. In Sisseln, in the Frick Valley, and in the surrounding communities, the DSM Sisseln site is an integral part of life and is fully aware of this responsibility.