Chemical and physical production go hand-in-hand

Controlling chemical reactions, producing efficiently, developing stable formulations

Vitamins, carotenoids, and active pharmaceutical ingredients are manufactured at the DSM Sisseln site under the strictest GMP requirements. The production facilities, especially for vitamin A and vitamin E, are among the largest of their kind in the world. Keeping the reactions inside the plants under complete control is a major challenge that our employees face on a daily basis. Since vitamins and carotenoids are usually unstable compounds, they have to be protected against all kinds of environmental influences.

Physical production.
Products known as formulations or dosage forms provide the best possible protection against light, heat, moisture, oxygen, and mechanical stress. Like a stable packaging, they envelope the respective active ingredients. Developing and producing these formulations is extremely demanding. The quality, purity, and reliability of Sisseln end products are valued around the world – by feed and premix companies through to producers in the food, beverage, infant nutrition, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical, personal care, flavor, and fragrance sectors.