Invoicing process

Payment process explained

What you need to include on your invoice

To support a flawless invoice processing, some critical information is required.

If any information, listed to the right, is missing on your from your invoice it will be returned to you - and you’ll be asked to correct the invoice and resubmit it for processing.

You can email us with multiple invoices - but please remember that every invoice must be scanned and attached as a separate PDF (including any attachments) at a minimum 300 dpi (we cannot accept screenshots of invoices taken via mobile phone).

When am I allowed to send a hard-copy invoice?

Only in cases where it is not feasible to send your invoice by email due to legal or fiscal requirements. In that case, you can send your invoice to the mailbox address subject to the below requirements.

  • Document must be A4 or US Letter
  • Document paper must be plain white without watermarks
  • Invoice must clearly reference the DSM Business Name, Company Code, and PO Number
Send invoices to the mailbox
address given on the Purchase order
Postbus 6500                   
6401 JH Heerlen 
The Netherlands  
Postbus 96, DSM GBS PSS/AP
6400 AB Heerlen
45 Waterview Boulevard
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Accounts Payable/Ricoh


In case of questions/inquiries please email our respective regional team.

Region EMEA 2 (Switzerland, France, Germany)Accounts Payable
Region EMEA 1 (The Netherlands):    Accounts Payable
Region North Americas:Accounts Payable DSM
Region APAC:Accounts Payable DSM

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