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Inspiring purpose-led dietary supplements supporting immunity

Every day, every season, every year, immunity is at the core of good health around the world. What’s more, it’s a top priority for consumers. 69% of global dietary supplement users regularly take supplements to support their immune health, which offers innovation opportunities for manufacturers to create science-backed, fast-acting immune health solutions that will suit consumers’ lifestyles.1 And with DSM as your purpose-led partner, you can bring consumer-focused, innovative solutions to market quickly and effectively.  

When you partner with DSM on immune health solutions, you get an innovative, purpose-led, end-to-end partner, inspired by consumers’ most pivotal health needs to deliver your next product with purpose. Born of an innovative spirit, our expertise starts long before product conception, combining research and market insights to not only serve consumers’ wants today, but their unmet needs tomorrow.

60% concerned about immunity2

Consumers are taking a more holistic approach to their health, with immunity becoming a top priority3.

Sufficient nutrient intake is vital

Increasing evidence shows the importance of a variety of nutrients in suppporting the immune system, including vitamins A, B6, C, D and E, and omega-3 fatty acids4.

Purpose-led, end-to-end insights

As your end-to-end partner, DSM continues to invest in research and science on immune health, helping you bring purpose-led solutions to consumers quickly and safety.
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Immunity trends report: answering the needs of tomorrow's consumer

In a competitive market, how can manufacturers differentiate their immune health dietary supplements and tailor them to the consumer's needs? Download our latets report to discover everything you need to know about the immunity trends driving purchasing behaviours and discover opportunities to deliver standout solutions that connect with consumers.


Our purpose-led products are consumer-focused. Always. We harness our innovative spirit at every turn to help you develop dietary supplement innovations that deliver research-led immune health benefits and keep the world’s growing population healthy. Our broad range of science-backed nutritional solutions is inspired by consumer needs and developed with high-quality ingredients, helping you to build a purpose-led connection with customers and create products that they understand and trust.


Vitamin D supports a healthy immune system. DSM’s calcifediol product, ampli-D®, is an advanced and potent form of vitamin D that is clinically proven to raise vitamin D levels three times faster and more effectively5.

Customized Solutions

It can be a challenge to balance all the steps of the immune health product development process with the need to bring dietary supplements to market quickly – especially when consumers are seeking reliable and efficacious formulations in a range of formats. From premixes that seamlessly blend ingredients into one singular format, to market-ready solutions that streamline your supply chain, our customized solutions are grounded in innovation and expertise to help bring your ideas to life with ease.

Market-Ready Solutions

We know that delivering fully developed concepts comes with unique challenges. That's why our market-ready solutions offer support at every stage of the product development process to help you bring your next purpose-led dietary supplement concept to consumers - faster.

Expert Services

We are more than an ingredients supplier. We are leading the industry’s thinking. DSM offers expertise in application and technical services; innovation and R&D; unrivaled market insights; regulatory and quality services; and scientific research, helping you to create industry-leading, purpose-led immune health dietary supplements. And we often do so in tandem with external key opinion leaders, helping to educate consumers and inspire immunity innovations.

Your end-to-end partner for immune health innovation

DSM is more than just an ingredients suppler. We are consumer-focused, always. We provide innovation as standard for our partners, and we’re leading the industry’s thinking in immunity and beyond. Our passion for simplifying science helps to accelerate your concept-to-consumer process and enables you to bring purpose-led immunity dietary supplement solutions to market faster. This includes providing the development, production, regulatory and global roll-out support you need to seize new opportunities in immune health.

When you partner with DSM on immune health solutions, you get an innovative, purpose-led, end-to-end partner, inspired by consumers’ most pivotal health needs to deliver your next immunity product with purpose. Start the conversation with one of our experts today.

Optimize your Immunity

A wide range of factors can have a negative impact on the body’s natural defense system. This white paper explores how nutritional solutions can help to optimize immune responses for population groups and individuals.


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