Providing mothers and babies with a brighter start with high-potency plant-based DHA

By Talking Nutrition Editors
  • Women who enter pregnancy with adequate docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) intake have a reduced risk of preterm birth.
  • When it comes to meeting mothers’ preferences for maternal nutrition, there is a growing need for solutions that meet expectations for convenience, smaller capsule sizes and trustworthy plant-based ingredients that support optimal maternal and infant nutrition.
  • dsm-firmenich’s high-potency DHA oil life’sDHA® SF55-O200DS, also called life’sDHA® SF55 mini, is a plant-based omega-3 that offers moms peace of mind throughout pregnancy and beyond as a sustainable alternative to fish oil, cultivated in a protected environment with no risk of harmful contaminants.

Giving moms peace of mind with life’sDHA® SF55 mini

If you speak to expectant moms about what matters most to them during their pregnancy, there are several topics that often rise to the top of the list. From keeping active and eating well to maintaining optimal mental and physical wellbeing, to stocking up on baby clothes, toys and nursery furniture – there is certainly a lot to think about! But one point most moms tend to agree on is that their primary goal is to give their child the best start in life.

At dsm-firmenich, we’re committed to supporting manufacturers in developing high-quality, reliable DHA solutions that can help give pregnant women and moms peace of mind, helping to shape healthier futures. The latest addition to dsm-firmenich’s nutritional lipids portfolio is life’sDHA® SF55 mini –the only 550 mg/g natural triglyceride algal DHA intended for use in maternal nutrition.

Here, we share 4 ways life’sDHA® SF55 mini provides essential pre-natal nutrition for both mom and baby.


    For women looking to get pregnant, those already pregnant or breastfeeding, life’sDHA® SF55 mini can offer an effective and safe dosage of 200mg high-quality DHA to support both mom and baby’s health. Providing the same health benefits as fish oil, this algal DHA oil is made with ingredients that are non-GM, kosher and halal in origin.

    Plant-based, vegetarian and vegan diets have made it to the mainstream and life’sDHA® SF55 mini supports moms who are looking for nutritional solutions that meet their dietary preferences. 100% plant-based, this innovative ingredient is made up of schizochytrium algae that is grown in a controlled environment and so doesn’t come into contact with any harmful ocean borne contaminants. It also has a neutral taste – a big advantage for mothers who are put off by the fishy aftertaste that can be associated with fish oil.

    When it comes to choosing supplements to support optimal nutrition during pregnancy, convenience is key, and capsules and tablets that are easy to swallow are the preferred format for consumers. Because of its high potency, life’sDHA® SF55mini manufacturers can offer the same levels of DHA in smaller capsules, ensuring that consumers can receive the targeted health benefit in a single, convenient dose. Hence the name life’sDHA® SF55 mini!

    Women who enter pregnancy with adequate DHA intake have a reduced risk of preterm birth. Women planning to get pregnant should consume at least 20mg of DHA daily (or DHA plus EPA) and higher doses should be considered during pregnancy. 1 As the evidence grows that omega-3 DHA intakes before and during pregnancy can reduce the risk of preterm births, expert bodies have begun issuing recommendations for omega-3 DHA supplementation during pregnancy (cetin 2023). Given the findings that women with low baseline omega-3 PUFA intakes or status are at increased risk of preterm birth and early preterm birth, ensuring women have adequate omega-3 PUFA intakes before pregnancy may be the most effective strategy to reduce the rates of preterm births (Simmonds, Carlson). 2,3,4 During pregnancy, the experts recommend women consume an additional 100-200mg of DHA (total 350-450mg DHA plus EPA or DHA alone). Women with low omega-3 intake or status early in pregnancy benefit from even higher doses of 600-1000mg omega-3 per day (as DHA + EPA or DHA alone). Finally, importantly for moms, omega-3s have been shown to support mood balance during and after pregnancy. Just another way life’sDHA® SF55 mini can help give moms peace of mind.


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Published on

19 June 2023


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