Upgrade your vision

Solutions that protect and improve eyesight across life stages.

Upgrade your vision

Eye health continues to be an increasingly difficult challenge for healthcare services worldwide. Not only does every life stage have a different set of risk factors, but the ongoing threat of blue light from sunlight, and increasingly from digital devices, is causing concern for people of all ages. Our targeted eye health solutions address vision development, vision functioning and overall eye comfort.

Addressing Global Eye Health Concerns

Concern about eye health is growing worldwide, replacing weight as a top consumer health concern in many regions. In fact, 66% of all global consumers worry about eye health, whether it's for themselves or for their children. dsm-firmenich's eye health solutions include FloraGLO® lutein, the most clinically researched lutein brand in the world, and address consumers most pressing health concerns. We can help you get to market faster with targeted health solutions that take you further. Discover solutions for eye health!

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