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At dsm-firmenich, we know purpose can be the difference between just driving consumer interest and differentiating your product on the store shelf. That's why we pour all our curiosity, insights, and innovation into every product we help develop. This takes more than ingredients. It takes a partner.

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life's® Limitless
when you choose algal-sourced omega-3

More sustainable, more potent and more enjoyable to consume.

Immunity Report 3.0: How to reignite immunity in a post-pandemic world

What does immunity mean to consumers in a post-pandemic world? Drawing on consumer research and expert insights, Immunity Report 3.0 reveals key immune health trends and wellness priorities – all backed by actionable advice to help you elevate both global well-being and your brand's success.

Download the report today and explore how to maintain a competitive edge in the immunity space.

Health from the Gut Solutions

Unlock the potential of the microbiome with Health from the Gut. dsm-firmenich's new, science-backed approach to gut health supports and preserves the key pillars of a healthy gut ecosystem to deliver wide-ranging health benefits.

Discover dsm-firmenich Premix Solutions

dsm-firmenich Premixes are designed with your consumer in mind. Whatever the product you are trying to develop, or the need you are trying to meet, we offer a creative partnership, helping you find the right solutions to drive you from concept to consumer.

Our consumer-led approach is paired with unmatched tech and regulatory services that offer the broadest formulation and technical expertise. Imagine a precisely customized blend of functional ingredients, sourced from more than 1,400 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals – all in one single, efficient, homogenous premix, delivered in powdered, dry or liquid forms.

Quali®-A with FlexiLease™

The new, unique form of Quali®-A, Dry Vitamin A delivers the highest stability performance in tablets with no preservatives or animal-derived ingredients, to meet the rising needs of diet-conscious consumers. These new benefits and high stability are possible due to FlexiLease™, DSM’s new IP protected technology.

Market-ready Solutions

Discover how we can simplify your product development process, through a single supply chain, and get you to market faster.


Optimal vitamin D status is linked to stronger immune health and lower risk of viral infections.1,2  ampli-D® is highly bioavailable which helps in reaching optimal vitamin D levels faster, than ordinary vitamin D.


1. Calder et al. Optimal nutritional status for a well-functioning immune system is an important factor to protect against viral infections. Nutrients 2020, 2, 1181.
2. Gombart et al. A review of micronutrients and immune system-working in harmony to reduce the risk of infection. Nutrients, 2020, 12. 

Human Milk Oligosaccharides

We are the world’s leading innovator and supplier, offering the broadest portfolio of commercially available HMOs globally. Discover how our GlyCare™ range provides the building blocks for nutrition solutions targeting key health areas, including gut, across all life stages.

Optimizing immunity with dietary supplements

dsm-firmenich is your reliable, end-to-end partner, offering industry-leading immune dietary supplement innovations which combine the latest science with market insights to help you address the latest consumer needs and preferences.

More than ingredients

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