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We see better compliance, elevated care, and improved quality nutrition for all patients and the elderly.

Inspiring better medical nutrition solutions

Getting the right nutritional care in a timely manner is critical in championing the health of patients and elderly individuals, reducing medical complications and promoting recovery and independence. However, creating insight-led medical nutrition products takes more than ingredients. It takes a partner that is inspired by patients to continuously innovate to meet their needs.

At DSM, this means taking a human-centric approach to innovation; to ensure the patient’s needs and preferences are addressed in a way that will ultimately enhance their quality of life. Partner with DSM to get access to our broad portfolio of science-backed products, customized solutions and expert services aimed at reliably supporting your entire product life cycle, so that you can meet the ever-evolving and complex nutritional needs of patients and the elderly.

Purpose-led medical nutrition solutions

Health problems – arising from a disease, disorder or condition – may lead to nutritional insufficiencies at any age, disabling individuals from achieving dietary requirements via normal foods. Medical nutrition solutions help to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable individuals, giving them the best possible outcomes.

Making a difference with patient-inspired products

DSM is your preferred partner for developing medical nutrition solutions, including oral nutritional supplements and enteral solutions. As an end-to-end partner, we offer an unrivalled portfolio of high-quality products, customized solutions and expert services, enabling innovation for better compliance, elevated care and improved quality of life for patients and the elderly.

Insight-led medical nutrition solutions for the elderly

By enabling the development of tailored medical nutrition solutions that help to overcome common barriers to nutritional intake in the elderly, DSM enables optimal nutritional care for patients, supporting their health and independence.

DSM enables the development of targeted medical nutrition solutions. This includes formats that help overcome common barriers to nutritional intake and optimize dietary management in elder care.

Medical nutrition solutions that put the patient first

DSM offers a number of medical nutrition solutions targeted towards specific therapeutic areas that address complex nutritional challenges in patients of all ages.

More than ingredients

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