DSM Nutrition Academy and Macuwell™ set sights on a bright future for eye health at OPTI 2019

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Collaborative eye health education program

  • The DSM Nutrition Academy will be at OPTI 2019 with MACUWELL™ to showcase a collaborative education program designed to support opticians in improving the standard of eye care.
  • The resources highlight the importance of good nutrition to improving eye health and acting as a measure to protect against visual impairment caused by over-exposure to blue light and the impact of aging.
  • DSM is committed to sharing science-led knowledge about nutrition to empower opticians in delivering a more personalized and consultative service to consumers.

DSM Nutrition Academy at OPTI 2019

The DSM Nutrition Academy will be at OPTI later this month alongside MACUWELL™, a supplier of eye health solutions to independent opticians in Germany, to raise awareness of the role and importance of nutrition for eye health.

With a mission to connect people to science-led knowledge about human nutrition, the DSM Nutrition Academy has developed a series of training modules for opticians in close partnership wth Macuwell™. The collaborative education program is designed to form part of the optician’s continuous education and highlight the importance of recommending the right nutritional solutions, based on an individual’s specific needs.

Visitors at OPTI (25-27 January, Munich), the leading international event for optics and design, can find out more about nutritional solutions available to improve eye health and shape a brighter future for visual health on the Macuwell™ stand 102.

Supporting eye-health with nutrition

Visual performance is becoming an increasing public health concern and a recent survey found that 56% of adults in Germany are worried about their eye health. In a digital age, individuals are being exposed to blue light from more sources than previous generations which, over a prolonged period of time, can lead to irreversible visual impairment. For opticians faced with a growing population experiencing deteriorating eye health, it is more important than ever to provide high-quality and comprehensive consultations.

Scientific studies have shown the importance of good nutrition for eye health which is helping to form the basis of a more holistic approach to eye care focusing on risk reduction, rather than treatment alone. The practical resources available from the DSM Nutrition Academy help educate opticians on the benefits of nutritional solutions giving them the confidence to support consumers with making more informed choices when it comes to caring and protecting their vision. Covering topics including the role of nutritional supplements for eye health, the impact of blue light exposure and macular health, the training series developed in collaboration with Macuwell™ reinforces their mission of supporting opticians in improving the standard of eyecare available today.

The DSM Nutrition Academy training materials will be available on the Macuwell™ booth at OPTI where the team will be on-hand to talk to visitors about how they can keep up to speed with the latest developments in eye care through continuous education.

Specialist technical solutions

Macuwell™ eye health solutions are designed to meet the needs of all people, including the modern populations living in a digital age and living longer healthy. The prevalence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has risen rapidly amongst Germany’s aging population and Macuwell™ has prioritized making available diagnostic tools that help evaluate macular health such as the MPS II device. The device measures the macular pigment optical density (MPOD) and has been shown to deliver good short-term repeatability and high-level of accuracy for more reliable assessments. In response to the increase in blue light exposure, Macuwell™ also offers blue light filtering glasses and supplements to help preserve optimum eye health.

These solutions from Macuwell™ are highlighted in the DSM Nutrition Academy materials to demonstrate to opticians the continuing innovation in tools and technologies to make it easier to deliver personalized eye health care for consumers.

The combination of Macuwell™’s innovative approach to eye care, and the DSM Nutrition Academy’s expertise in nutritional solutions for visual health, has created a wealth of insightful and practical educational resources for opticians to tackle today’s eye health problems and protect against future issues.


To find out more about the DSM Nutrition Academy’s educational partnership with Macuwell™, please visit booth 102 at OPTI between 25 and 27 January.

“The Macuwell™ educational program demonstrates the DSM Nutrition Academy‘s commitment to shaping a brighter future for eye health fuelled by nutrition.”


Peter van Dael, Science Director of the DSM Nutrition Academy.

Published on

23 January 2019


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