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Immune health: a key area for medical nutrition innovation

The role of immunity in protecting people’s health is more important than ever, especially in elderly individuals who are more vulnerable to pathogens and viruses.

In our new whitepaper, we explore the latest research behind nutrition and immune health and challenges associated with nutritional management in older people, including barriers to consumption and solutions to overcome them.

Discover how you can tailor your medical nutrition products to the preferences and requirements of older adults, so that you can support their immunity during this critical time period.

Optimizing nutritional care to support immunodeficiency

Protecting peoples’ immune health has never been more relevant. However, it is especially important to support immunity in vulnerable population groups, like patients and elderly individuals, as immune function is often compromised in these individuals, making them more susceptible to infection.  

Medical nutrition products targeted towards immune health are one way in which immunity can be optimized to support individuals in staying healthier for longer. Download our guide to discover how medical nutrition solutions can support the immune health of patients in different therapeutic areas, including cancer cachexia, surgery and brain health.

ESPEN 2020 Symposium: How to support immune health in the elderly with optimal nutritional management

It is well recognized that the immune system is weakened by advancing age, often referred to as immunosenescence. This results in increased susceptibility to as well as morbidity and mortality from infection. Nutritional management in elder care is one important modifiable factor that may support a more resilient immune system in elderly. Watch the symposium on-demand and learn more from our guest experts Dr Simin Meydani, Tufts University Boston, and Dr. Alessandro Laviano, Sapienza University Rome.









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