Gold again for dsm-firmenich's 'Products with Purpose' campaign

By: dsm-firmenich Pharma Solutions Editors

  • dsm-firmenich is thrilled to announce that its global ‘Products with Purpose’ brand campaign has won a Pharmaceutical Executive® APEX award for its breakthrough creative work. 
  • The Pharmaceutical Executive® APEX Awards is the only annual show that celebrates creative healthcare work, judged exclusively by those closest to the end user – the healthcare professionals. 
  • The win strengthens the perception that dsm-firmenich is more than a supplier to the pharmaceutical market; it is a purpose-led solutions provider that offers a broad portfolio of science-backed products and customized solutions, powered by expert services. 

dsm-firmenich has built a robust legacy in the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) market. However, its perception as an ingredient provider no longer reflects the reality of dsm-firmenich as a business. The company brings expertise and innovation to co-develop new over-the-counter products and prescription medicines in an ever-changing and competitive marketplace. It also realizes the importance of post-launch success through lifecycle management support programs to ensure the continued growth and evolution of products. 

This makes dsm-firmenich an ideal partner to address emerging therapeutic areas benefiting global patient health, while helping our customers achieve long-term growth.

Another win for ‘Products with Purpose’

The ‘Products with Purpose’ campaign reflects the company’s evolved strategic direction as a purpose-led partner in the global pharmaceutical market – bringing its broad offering to life through powerful and engaging creative concepts. By drawing attention to purpose, ‘Products with Purpose’ creatively expresses our unique understanding of the humanity of the end user – the patient. In other words, dsm-firmenich recognizes the individual impact and value of each and every medical innovation it helps to create and understands how the development of future-proof, agile and safe therapies can truly benefit patients’ lives.

The APEX 2021 honor adds to the growing bank of awards acknowledging the creativity and hard work behind dsm-firmenich’s ‘Products with Purpose’ campaign. Previously this year, the campaign also won a gold 2021 Shorty Award in the ‘Best Graphics’ category and silver at the 2021 B2 Awards in the ‘Brand Purpose’ group.

A future led by purpose, not products

“We want to build relationships with customers based on something much more powerful than a transaction alone,” comments Kelsey Achenbach, Senior Director, Pharma and Medical Nutrition at dsm-firmenich . “Our ‘Products with Purpose’ campaign helped us to articulate our unique vision and tell our story – from supplier in the market to partner – in a creative and distinct way. The campaign is an excellent representation of how we take a patient-first approach to innovation in order to help our customers unlock novel pharmaceuticals that will keep the world’s growing population healthy.”

Kelsey continues: “Being recognized by this audience is confirmation that our new positioning as a purpose-led innovation partner is resonating with those closest to the patient themselves and who have their best interests at heart. For dsm-firmenich, this was a true verification that ‘Products with Purpose’ delivered the message that we understand customer and patient needs and connected with those who share the same vision and values as us. Winning a Pharmaceutical Executive® APEX award was just the icing on the cake.”

Want to learn more about how purpose drives everything at dsm-firmenich? Find out more at

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07 December 2021


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