dsm-firmenich and Bod Science research partnership to make ‘sweet dreams’ with world-first insomnia treatment powered by pharmaceutical grade CBD

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  • dsm-firmenich has entered a new strategic partnership with Bod Science to power the advancement of a pioneering CBD-based drug for insomnia.
  • Within this collaboration, the premium, GMP-certified cannabidiol (CBD) active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) offered by dsm-firmenich, will assume a critical role in propelling Bod Science's insomnia treatment towards commercialization.
  • Read on to learn how, together, these companies are poised to make a profound impact for patients worldwide and the wider pharmaceutical industry.

dsm-firmenich has just announced another strategic partnership in the cannabinoid market. Its new collaboration with Bod Science – a pioneering force in medical cannabis based in Australia – marks a significant milestone in the world of cannabinoid research and development, and wider pharmaceutical industry. As part of the collaboration, dsm-firmenich’s high-quality, GMP-certified CBD API will play a pivotal role in advancing the commercialization of Bod Science’s drug for insomnia – the world’s first CBD-based therapy for the condition. The partnership marks a significant stride toward pioneering innovation in the pharmaceutical sector, offering further opportunities for businesses looking to explore the realm of cannabinoids. Continue reading to discover more.  

A promising future for insomnia treatment

Insomnia is a widespread global concern that significantly impacts individuals' quality of life and overall wellbeing. But while it’s easy to diagnose, the condition can be difficult to treat and there are several challenges associated with current drug therapies. Many prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) insomnia medications are not universally effective, side effects are common, and dependency or tolerance can become an issue for some individuals. The partnership between dsm-firmenich and Bod Science is creating an opportunity to explore new therapeutic avenues in the field of ‘sleepless nights’ and ultimately broaden treatment options for the millions of people globally struggling with insomnia.

Multiple studies worldwide have revealed that insomnia affects approximately 10% to 30% of the population, with some reports indicating rates as high as 60%1 ”, says Athanasia Kanli, Global Market Development Manager Pharma at dsm-firmenich. “Our new partnership with Bod Science follows promising results from their recent Phase IIb clinical trial, which showcased the efficacy of a 100 mg CBD formulation in alleviating insomnia symptoms. The company is set to announce the full trial results, including assessments of the formulation's impact on anxiety, stress and wake-after-sleep-onset (WASO) in the coming month – but it looks like it could be a gamechanger for the insomnia market.”

Combining brilliance to advance patient health

Together with dsm-firmenich, Bod Science is on the brink of delivering the world's first CBD-based medicines for insomnia. This comes in the wake of recent changes by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia which now provides a pathway to register a low dose CBD product for specific need states (such as insomnia) under Schedule 3. This permits the sale of Schedule 3 product as OTC drugs in pharmacies.

Selecting the right API underpins the success of any drug development project. However, not all cannabinoid APIs are created equally. To successfully steer cannabinoid-based treatments through the approval process, it is important that drug developers choose an ingredient that is trial-ready. Has it been developed under GMP manufacturing conditions by a GMP-certified facility for instance? Is it supported by regulatory documentation, robust data packages and proof of quality? These questions will be asked at the human trial and regulatory authorization stages. dsm-firmenich’s CBD API meets all these criteria and is one of the purest botanical isolates on the market.

Empowering the pharmaceutical market

The new partnership solidifies dsm-firmenich’s position as a leader in the pharmaceutical cannabinoid market and signifies its passion for advancing science and product innovation in the space. “The supply agreement confirms that Bod Science will use our CBD API to take its product development further to launch a novel pharmaceutical product in soft gel format. In saying that, we’re still in early discussions with the company and their experienced team about how dsm-firmenich can support beyond ingredient expertise. For us, the collaboration holds exciting potential – so watch this space!” says Kanli.

Together, dsm-firmenich and Brains Bioceutical, science-led pioneer of cannabinoid solutions and GMP certified CBD API manufacturer, offer a unique, end-to-end innovation platform designed to unlock customized cannabinoid therapeutics – with a spotlight on exploring the science behind cannabinoids in indications like pain management, stress and anxiety. Stay tuned as the company continues to push the boundaries of cannabinoid-based drug development to advance science and improve patients’ lives.

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19 October 2023


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