Discover how IT investments are future proofing DSM’s pharma solutions

By DSM Pharma Solutions Editors
  • DSM is continuously making considerable investments in global validated solutions for multiple IT systems in order to stay on the pulse of innovation in the pharma market.
  • Our operations and substantial investments in IT solutions are future proofing the company, but how do these systems benefit our offering in the pharma market and ultimately, patients?
  • Read on to find out why DSM is investing in IT solutions and explore the impact of these systems on compliance, sustainability and the pharma community, from DSM’s subject matter experts.

The infrastructure for quality and compliance control is crucial for companies to keep pace with the demands of today’s modern pharmaceutical manufacturing. To meet these demands, DSM is on a path of critical modernization, making continuous and considerable investments in global validated solutions for multiple IT systems.

We spoke with three DSM experts to gain valuable insight on the impact of the company’s investments, now and in the future, along with the potential risks and the benefits for sustainability, customers and ultimately – patients. Read on to hear from Rob Everink (Digital Implementation Officer OT –Operations), Srini Putluri (Global Quality Manager - IT Systems – Operations) and Fraser Strachan (Senior Global Quality Manager GMP compliance  - Operations).

What global validated IT solutions are DSM investing in and why?

DSM has committed to multiple investment programs which enable the company to stay on the pulse of innovation while conducting due diligence to the best of its capabilities. Perhaps the most significant and widely used systems in our manufacturing network are Global Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Global Chromatography Data System (CDS) and a validated Data Historian for Production System data. DSM’s rollout of substantial IT solutions supports a products manufacturing lifecycle, from start-to-end, and assures the highest standards in the industry.

What are the benefits of DSM’s investments in IT solutions?

  1. Superior quality control and compliance 
    Enhancing our IT capabilities supports quality control and compliance in many ways. Firstly, these systems guarantee that our products are consistently tested, ensuring they are safe and effective. Secondly, investments in IT will enable better practices, which minimizes mistakes and prevents falsification of the data we use to assure product quality. What’s more, IT solutions are increasingly needed to enable companies to look deeper into their processes to identify trends and issues that may not be immediately apparent.
  2. Support data integrity and investigations
    Regulators recognize automation as a potential area to improve data integrity, as simply put - digitalization reduces human error. Access to digitized data helps track key trends, as well as performance and quality indicators throughout the product manufacturing lifecycle. Optimal IT compliance practices, such as validation and data-integrity, assure that DSM is conducting due diligence while designing, developing, and managing manufacturing systems. This means that we minimize the potential for issues. However, if an investigation was to be needed, we can be confident in our controls and data as they have been verified as reliable in advance.
  3. Promote sustainability
    Rob Everink, Digital Implementation Officer OT – Operations, comments: “Efforts to advance our IT and automation systems will reduce the company’s generation of paper documents. In the long-term, this will eliminate the need for warehouses that store our paper-based evidence. Shutting down these warehouses will reduce the environmental costs associated with maintaining these spaces, such as the room conditioning controls for humidity and temperature.
  4. Benefit customers and patients
    IT systems’ compliance is an important aspect of overall product quality and is an integral component that pharma companies look for in a partner. That’s why DSM is enhancing its IT solutions to assure our pharma customers that we operate to the highest degree of quality.

Srini Putluri, Global Quality Manager - IT Systems – Operations, remarks on how these IT upgrades will benefit patients: “Increasing the digitalization of our manufacturing lifecycle processes is critically important to assure our IT systems are operating at optimal efficiency and quality. These improvements will yield products that are as safe and effective as possible, ultimately benefiting the end user – patients.”

Are there any risks associated with investments in IT systems?

DSM’s strategy to advance the rollout of global validated solutions for multiple systems is the best approach to mitigate risks. Our investments enhance data integrity, quality and compliance, while also minimizing the risk of human error. Although there are significant costs associated with setting up these systems, once they are implemented, they will minimize errors, improve quality and streamline manufacturing – resulting in reduced costs. 

IT transformation in Pharma: what will the future bring and how is DSM prepared?

Digitalization is the future of pharma, and DSM’s investments in IT and automation are preparing the company for the next steps ahead. While it may take some time for everyone to become fully confident with this new way of working, in the future we can expect improved system reports. These reports will facilitate a focus on process deviation and not the parts of production that are running efficiently – meaning less time will be required to check the production and quality control data. Ultimately, these systems will improve both our efficiency and quality of production.

Fraser Strachan, Senior Global Quality Manager GMP compliance – Operations remarks: “DSM’s investments will maximize the impact and ease the roll out of future system upgrades, improving engagement with our end users. Our customers can be confident in a partnership with DSM as our IT investments demonstrate that we are committed to prioritizing their compliance needs, both now and in the long-term.”

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04 May 2023



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