Vitamin D supports a healthy immune system. ampli-D is a 3x faster and more effective form of vitamin D.1

Purpose-led immunity innovation

Immunity is a top priority for consumers today, with 69% taking supplements to support their immune health.2 Although most widely recognized for its role in bone and muscle health, a growing bank of scientific evidence shows that vitamin D has important benefits for immunity too; helping to support the immune response and reducing the risk of acute respiratory infections. This is creating considerable opportunities for dietary supplement brands looking to develop purpose-led nutritional solutions that deliver effective immune health benefits. DSM’s calcifediol (also known as calcidiol) product  – ampli-D® – is an advanced and potent form of vitamin D in the dietary supplement market. Clinically proven to raise vitamin D levels three times faster and more effectively1,3, it unlocks the benefits of ‘the sunshine vitamin’ more rapidly.

A next generation immune health solution

Globally, 88% of individuals are reported to have sub-optimal vitamin D levels. 4 So, how can dietary supplement brands help raise vitamin D to optimal levels in the body more effectively and better support immunity?

Watch now to discover how ampli-D ® tackles low vitamin D status and brings the immune health benefits of vitamin D to consumers faster and more effectively.

Tap into the growing immunity market with ampli-D®

65% of consumers are currently worried about their immunity and almost 70% say that they take supplements to support their immune health.2 Vitamin D is scientifically proven to benefit the immune system, with many consumers already associating the ‘sunshine vitamin’ with immunity. Learn more about consumers’ perceptions and attitudes towards immune health and nutrition in our infographic, and how DSM’s calcifediol solution, ampli-D®, is a 3X faster and more effective form of vitamin D.1

A faster, more effective
form of vitamin D

ampli-D® is clinically proven to raise the body’s vitamin D levels 3x faster and more effectively than ordinary vitamin D on the market – in days and weeks, not months.1


Optimal vitamin D status is linked to stronger immune health and lower risk of viral infections.5,6  ampli-D® is highly bioavailable which helps in reaching optimal vitamin D levels faster, than ordinary vitamin D.

Get to market

ampli-D® is available as a market-ready solution - backed by science, born from innovation and designed to accelerate your product’s speed to market.

Discover a fast-acting vitamin D solution for immunity

Learn how ampli-D ® can define and differentiate your product on a crowded store shelf

Your end-to-end partner for vitamin D innovation 

DSM is spearheading innovation in the field of immunity. Through scientifically proven, market-ready solutions, such as ampli-D®, DSM helps to simplify and accelerate the concept-to-consumer process, helping you bring purpose-led immunity solutions to market faster. This includes providing the development, production, regulatory and global roll-out support you need to seize new opportunities in the vitamin D and immunity markets, and succeed in the human nutrition and health space. 

As a reliable end-to-end innovation partner, DSM offers a broad portfolio of high-quality products, customized solutions and expert services at every stage of your product’s development, so that you can support healthier lives globally. 


1. Clinical studies show that sufficient Vitamin D status is achieved on average 3 times faster and more efficiently compared to D3 on an equal dose
basis. On-pack claims as per regional regulatory requirements.
2. DSM Consumer Immunity Panel, September 2020.
3. Vaes A.M.M. et al. Dose-response effects of supplementation with calcifediol on serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D status and its metabolites: A randomized controlled trial in older adults. Clin Nutr 2018, 37, 808-814.
4. Hilger et al. A systematic review of vitamin D status in populations worldwide. Br J Nutr 2014, 111, 23-45.
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6. Gombart et al. A review of micronutrients and immune system-working in harmony to reduce the risk of infection. Nutrients, 2020, 12. 

Product Availability

ampli-D® is currently approved in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand with pending EU commission approval. Not approved in all other markets.  

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