Customized solutions to malnutrition

Effective and impactful solutions addressing malnutrition

Creating purpose-led products takes more than just ingredients. That’s why dsm-firmenich is committed to supporting our partners throughout the entire development process, from early research on how to solve region-specific nutrition challenges to facilitating the implementation of public health programs. We will support you to navigate the process of creating customized nutritional solutions that are not only high-quality and effective but cost efficient. 

Choose a partner with purpose

Developing and implementing nutritional solutions that can tackle malnutrition successfully requires years of investments and diligent research. To deliver aid to those who need it most, you need a partner with a proven track-record of success in this area. dsm-firmenich has years of experience navigating regulatory compliance, quality assurance and supply chain security in an increasingly networked and complex global market. To de-risk product development and deliver visionary, future-proof and effective health and nutrition solutions, you need a partner with a background delivering on impact, from discovery to implementation.

Since 2007, we have co-created or improved 10 nutritional products that are used globally in humanitarian and developmental aid operations by agencies including UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP). We apply the key lessons and expertise gained from these past successes to tackle every new challenge our partners face in creating the next generation of innovative nutritional solutions.

Our affordable, customized solutions are based on scientific research as well as our formulation and application expertise to help you overcome any challenge when delivering nutritional solutions that unite products with purpose. We can provide a customized solution for almost any need so that you can successfully implement public health, humanitarian, and development aid programs. Our solutions encompass customized nutrient premixes to market-ready solutions that help you deliver life-saving nutrition in critical situations the world over.

Premix solutions

Carefully research and calibrated blends of functional ingredients to support convenient and efficient food fortification with a single, homogenous product.


Market ready solutions

From micronutrient powder sachets to public health supplements, finished products are ideal where speedy nutritional intervention is needed.


Custom premixes for productive nutritional aid

dsm-firmenich offers customizable premix blends of functional ingredients that are combined into a single, efficient homogenous product. We combine our technical expertise with insights into pressing nutritional issues to support you in creating impactful premix solutions that address the nutritional needs of today and tomorrow. 

A tailored formulation approach helps you develop products that:

  • include a precise blend of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • address micronutrient deficiencies worldwide. 

dsm-firmenich Premix solutions help you meet challenges conveniently, confidently and cost-efficiently.

We understand that the urgency required in delivering humanitarian and developmental aid does not mean compromising on the highest safety and efficacy standards. All of our Premix solutions are:

  • sustainable
  • effective
  • traceable
  • of unmatched quality at every stage
  • able to satisfy the most stringent requirements.

Our premixes are customized to address the most pressing global nutrition needs, inspired by our research on deficiencies and their negative impact. With operations on every continent, you benefit from localized expertise, global reach and strong supply chain continuity to efficiently and reliably deliver nutrition when and where it is urgently needed.

Partner with dsm-firmenich for customizable premixes that solve challenges and empower you to create impactful products that transform lives.

Market-ready solutions: to combat malnutrition and create innovative nutritional solutions for all

Global malnutrition is rapidly worsening, with undernourishment rising sharply since 2018.1 Time is of the essence to address global malnutrition, so we urgently innovate nutritional solutions by combining expertise with purpose. By combining speed and cost-effectiveness, Market-ready solutions support the delivery of life-saving nutrition that meets commercial objectives while positively transforming lives.

Our Market-ready solutions enable customers to launch nutritional solutions at speed by providing fully developed, complete nutritional products with proven health benefits that are ready for organizations to distribute and implement immediately. These 100% finished products include fortified rice kernels, supplements and multiple micronutrient powders. With a range of products ready to launch, our partners can rapidly roll out programs using these solutions to help meet critical nutritional needs in humanitarian and developmental aid contexts worldwide.

Partner with dsm-firmenich for customizable premixes that solve challenges and empower you to create impactful products that transform lives.

Expert services to transform concepts into viable solutions

Eliminating global hunger is an enormous challenge, yet organizations can effectively contribute to this cause when they collaborate with the right partner. dsm-firmenich offers expert services that provide support at every stage of a product’s lifecycle, transforming concepts into nutritional solutions that enrich the health and wellbeing of the world’s population.

Reaching vulnerable populations with essential nutrition


Insights and marketing services


Scientific services


Innovation and R&D services


Application and technical services


Regulatory and quality services

dsm-firmenich combines a future-focused perspective with a track-record of success in the delivery of impactful nutritional aid. Our scientific and technical expertise empowers us to tackle complex formulation challenges with innovative solutions. We provide support to our partners that goes beyond just ingredients and help develop innovative business models and networks to globally deliver essential, equitable nutrition.

dsm-firmenich expert services advance nutrition worldwide through research, sustainable business practices and quality assurance. With expertise that spans development, formulation, advocacy and digitalization, we are uniquely placed in the industry to provide effective support across the value chain. Our specialized knowledge supports our customers to securely develop commercially viable, high-quality, safe and effective products that can make a genuine impact on ending hidden hunger for all by 2030. 

Partner with dsm-firmenich to transform a concept into a life-saving nutritional solution.

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