Hologram Sciences™ hosts second annual Innovation Summit and spotlights new partnership with Haleon

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  • Hologram Sciences™ second annual Innovation Summit featured Hologram and dsm-firmenich leadership, including Dimitri-de Vreeze, innovation partners such as Haleon, as well as a Keynote from the World Economic Forum

  • The event delved into the future of diagnostic technologies, Hologram’s roadmap for women’s health, the future of healthy aging as well as open innovation models for collaboration 

  • Watch the video highlights from the Innovation Summit here in "Hologram Sciences" YouTube Channel

On March 10, 2023 Hologram Sciences™ hosted their second annual Innovation Summit, broadcast live from Kaiseraugst, Switzerland. With over 600 attendees registered for the event, a global audience tuned in to learn about trends in diagnostic technologies, the future of women’s health, as well as new models for collaboration and innovation. 

During the event, Hologram Sciences™ shared more about its end-to-end model for commercial innovation and growth, including a portfolio and pipeline of Hologram-developed modern brands for licensing, which include women’s health brand, Phenology, as well as immunity platform, d.velop. Hologram also discussed with innovation partner, Haleon, about how they co-develop to capture new white-space opportunities. 

Below is a comprehensive summary  of the topics discussed during the following segments of the Innovation Summit, including; the future of healthy aging, insights into women’s health, innovations in diagnostics, and new business models for innovation and collaboration. 

Nourishing the Future: New Business Models For Innovation and Collaboration 

~ With Andy Moose (Head of Retail, Consumer & Lifestyle Industries at World Economic Forum)

During his keynote speech, Andy Moose highlighted the pressing requirement for society to tackle a swiftly expanding health emergency. He pointed out that preventable diseases alone contribute to a staggering 74% of worldwide fatalities, while chronic illnesses are projected to incur a financial burden of approximately $47 trillion between 2010 and 2030, as stated by the World Economic Forum.

While genetics only contribute to 10% of chronic disease risk, modifiable actions, taken every day, account for the remaining 90%, presenting an opportunity for personalized solutions. 

The vision for the future, Andy shared, is proactive, personalized recommendations that drive positive well-being outcomes over the lifespan, without disrupting daily life. The value proposition for customers is effective and holistic outcomes, but this requires new ways of working and collaboration. Emerging data consortia, regulatory clarity, investment, and policy incentives are crucial to accelerate value creation and scale personalized nutrition solutions.

Partnering for Tomorrow: The Future of Healthy Aging

~ With Daneil Chui (External Innovation Director at Haleon) and Mariette Abrahams (CEO & Founder of Qina) and moderated by James Bauly (Hologram’s Chief Business Officer)

According to Daniel Chui from Haleon, the development of new products in the Healthy Aging category presents several challenges. These challenges include comprehending the diverse perspectives of consumers, evaluating a company's brands and lifestage and adapting to shifting consumer trends. To address these challenges, open innovation approaches that involve sharing ideas, knowledge and resources between organizations can be utilized. This enables the leveraging of a broader ecosystem and provides scale and resources through external partnerships.

Mariette Abrahams, the founder and CEO of Qina, a personalized nutrition data hub, further emphasized the importance of open innovation collaborations. She stated that understanding consumer preferences and creating solutions that align with them are crucial success factors. Additionally, managing different approaches and utilizing subject matter experts to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and end-users is essential. Abrahams also identified several emerging themes in the realm of Healthy Aging, including digital and at-home care, prevention, cognitive health, mobility and gut health.

The Arc of Hormonal Health: Insights into Women’s Health

~ With Maha Elkharbotly (dsm-firmenich, SVP & President i-Health) and Dr. Kourtney Sims (Functional & Integrative Gynecologist as well as Chief Medical Advisor to Phenology) and moderated by Laura Artigas (Hologram Chief Commercial Officer)

Every year, an additional 1.3 million women in the United States enter the natural phase of life known as menopause, which typically lasts between 7 to 14 years. It often comes as a surprise for many women when they start experiencing symptoms in their 40s. Unfortunately, healthcare professionals often provide limited assistance, leaving women to seek answers from their communities and technology to bridge the information gap.

To address this issue, private companies like Hologram Sciences™, specifically their women's health brand, Phenology, are taking the initiative. Laura Artigas and Dr. Kourtney Sims discussed Phenology’s collaboration with Inne, a femtech startup that is the first in the U.S. to measure salivary hormone levels through a simple at-home method, via the Inne device. This device focuses on measuring progesterone and also provides access to menopause-trained dietitians via the Phenology app, thereby filling the aforementioned information gap.

Moreover, Laura and Dr. Sims explored the expansion of Phenology's hormonal health roadmap. This roadmap has the potential to incorporate the tracking of additional analytes, such as cortisol, testosterone and estradiol. This expansion aims to help women understand the changes occurring during their transition into menopause and effectively manage their symptoms.

The utilization of data to uncover personalized insights into menopause and other life stages, as well as the application of Phenology's hormonal roadmap to other populations, like men and high-performance athletes, opens up opportunities for further customization. This personalized approach can ultimately lead to improved overall health outcomes.

Tracking the Future: Innovations in Diagnostics 

~ With Eirini Rapti (Founder of Inne) and Nate Matusheski (Chief Science Officer at Hologram Sciences) and moderated by Thomas McMennamin (Chief Product and Technology Officer at Hologram Sciences)

Diagnostics play a significant role in the wellness journey of consumers. Consumers are seeking more data and information about their unique characteristics, aiming to extract valuable insights in order to make informed decisions. Hologram Sciences™, as explained by Thomas McMennamin, strives to empower consumers by ensuring that the data generated from high-quality diagnostic devices can be synthesized into personalized and actionable insights. This enables consumers to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Eirini Rapti discussed the collaborative hormonal roadmap developed by Hologram Sciences™ and their venture partner, Inne. Inne's innovative technology serves as the first at-home saliva hormone monitoring system.

Furthermore, the discussion revolved around significant trends in diagnostics. This includes the concept of triangulating diagnostic testing by considering biomarkers, the health benefits delivered to consumers, and providing behavioral and product recommendations. The focus lies in elevating knowledge and utilizing it to create sustainable changes in individuals' lives.

According to Nate Matusheski, although there is growing interest and adoption of diagnostics, the companies that excel in scaling diagnostic technologies will be those that swiftly integrate new advancements, such as low-cost optics, chip-based sensors and photo recognition. By leveraging AI techniques, these companies can reduce the cost and enhance the usability of diagnostics.

In Conclusion: The Key to Innovation 

~ With Ian Brady (Hologram Sciences™ CEO) and Dimitri-de Vreeze (dsm-firmenich Co-CEO)

Dimitri de-Vreeze emphasized the significance of collaborative partnerships and new business models in addressing innovation challenges in complex domains, like personalized nutrition. He specifically highlighted the innovation partnership between Haleon and Hologram as an example. Dimitri emphasized that to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and scope of open innovation initiatives, continuous learning, experimentation and adaptation are crucial. Additionally, he stressed the importance of creating an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration, thus facilitating the progress and success of such initiatives.

Watch the video highlights from Innovation Summit 2023 here and to learn more about Hologram Sciences™ please reach out: inquiries@hologramsciences.com



Hologram Sciences™ is a consumer-facing health tech company that helps people get healthier and feel better through innovative personalized nutrition solutions. 

Backed by dsm-firmenich, Hologram Sciences™ brings together the latest evidence-based supplementation, pioneering technology, and habit-building techniques to create holistic, truly customized offerings that can be adapted to individual market needs to drive deep and lasting consumer relationships. Hologram Sciences' personalized nutrition initiatives include two market-ready brands; d.velop, an immunity platform with a differentiated form of vitamin D, as well as Phenology, a menopause focused women’s health solution, and a strategic partnership with a leader in sports and human performance, Momentous. 

Hologram Sciences™ is passionate about helping people overcome obstacles to feel better every day; grounded in transparency, proven clinical science and committed to creating products and an organization that are fully inclusive and equitable. More information can be found at www.hologramsciences.com

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16 June 2023


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