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At DSM, we know life is healthier when it's supported from the beginning. That's why we're committed to delivering high-quality, insight-driven, innovative nutritional solutions at every stage of your product's development. This takes more than ingredients. It takes a partner. Partner with DSM for access to our broad portfolio of science-backed products, customized solutions, and expert services aimed at reliably supporting your entire product life cycle, from concept to consumer.

Webinar: Healthy Start for a Healthy Life

Learn more about the latest trends and science that inspired DSM's new purpose-led market-ready solutions concepts, designed to support maternal nutrition from preconception to lactation, including key ingredients such as life’sDHA® algal omega-3 and Metafolin®.


A mother and father’s nutritional status before and during conception plays a key role in influencing fertility and determining mom’s health and well-being, as well as that of her child. Explore the various products and services DSM provides to ensure parents-to-be have an optimal nutritional status at conception.  

Purpose-led products for preconception

Explore our vitamin, lipid, carotenoid and nutraceutical solutions for preconception.

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Discover content that resonates with you. Visit talking Nutrition for more industry news, new science and insights on maternal nutrition.


An infant’s optimal growth and development depends directly on its mother’s diet. Providing a nourishing diet for pregnant women results in significantly better infant health outcomes. Explore the various products and expert services DSM provides to support moms-to-be during this life-changing time.

Purpose-led products for pregnancy

Explore our vitamin, lipid, carotenoid and nutraceutical solutions for pregnancy.

Understanding the Motherhood Journey

DSM recently conducted a global usage and attitude study on maternal nutrition, which helped us uncover significant consumer insights that can be used to develop innovative, science-backed, maternal nutrition solutions. Sign up for our newsletter and get this research.



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