Art and Culture

Why culture matters

From the very beginning, over a century ago, DSM has supported art and culture in a way that suits our social, cultural responsibility and fits the stature of our company: a multinational that wants to generate value for society at large. Our art collection is one of the reflections of our Culture Compass - being Courageous, Caring, Collaborative, Taking responsibility, Championing sustainability and Delivering value. It shows that art and culture go hand in hand and seamlessly melt together by strengthening the overall employee experience.


Our Culture Compass

The culture compass is a navigational tool that helps us steer DSM to where we aspire to be. It shows us the future we’re aiming for, while allowing each of us to find our own ways of being DSM.

The compass also reflects our strategy to be purpose-led and performance-driven. Our purpose of creating brighter lives for all sits at the heart of the compass – it inspires everything we do. And we deliver performance by being more of who we are, and by taking decisions every day that show what we stand for.

The six elements of our compass - Courageous, Caring, Collaborative, Taking responsibility, Championing sustainability, Delivering value - our ways of being DSM; help us define the culture we want to build and guide our day-to-day interactions and decisions. Our art collection reflects in many ways the six elements of our compass, showing art and culture go hand in hand, melting together seamlessly, whilst strengthening the overall employee experience.

How the DSM Art Collection reflects our Culture Compass


Art is conceptual, cutting edge and visionary 

By collecting on the highest professional level we take action and make the decision to take our social, cultural responsibility fitting our company’s stature. By supporting young artists we take a stand, embrace new ideas and build a bridge between DSM and society by means of art.


Art reflects on public engagement and touches society

The arts make an important contribution to our quality of life and bring our employees into contact with contemporary art. By offering them an inspiring work environment we look out for our people and environment around us, so that everyone can be their best.


Art that is close to us and personal

Art inspires, it is innovative, it connects and engages, it is diverse and inclusive, and it is externally oriented. Elements that embody all we need to collaborate successfully with each other and with the outside world.

Taking responsibility

Art is the barometer of society. By offering contemporary young artists a platform the DSM Art Collection Art reflects who we are as a society, as individuals and as a company.

Championing sustainability

At DSM sustainability is the heart of all we do in our business. It also encompasses the social and cultural aspects of the wider society we are all part of. The DSM art collection is one of our company’s ways of helping maintain and preserve our cultural heritage for people today and generations to come.

Delivering value

From the beginning of our company’s existence, we have used art to create a positive, attractive and inspiring work environment. The works of art in our collection are of the highest professional level fitting the image of DSM. They challenge our employees and customers to think creatively and innovatively. The arts bring our people into contact with a wide variety of images, trends and ideas that are shaping today’s international society.

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  • History


    DSM's art collection was established in 1927, making it one of the oldest corporate art collections in the Netherlands.

  • Exhibitions


    DSM’s headquarters in Heerlen, The Netherlands, regularly hosts exhibitions of contemporary art and is open to DSM employees and general public interested in art.

  • Collection


    The DSM Art Collection currently includes more than 750 works by around 400 artists. Here's a small selection from the core collection.