Works by contemporary artists selected by our Art Curator are regularly exhibited at our head office in Heerlen. The art committee often buys from the exhibitions to add to the collection. These exhibitions are open to DSM employees and the general public during office hours upon appointment (temporarily closed due to coronavirus).

Sjra Schoffelen

Sculptures in Sittard-Geleen

Sjra Schoffelen (1937) lives and works in the Etzenraderhuisken in Jabeek. After the art Academy and the Jan van Eck Academy in Maastricht, he completed his studies at the Hochschule fur Bildende Künste in Berlin. Several books of his work are published. The latest one was recently published in 2019 which gives an overview of his total work during 60 years of being active as a sculptor.

Schoffelen “My sculptures have an organic format. The human values are especially central in the bronze sculptures. All the sculptures are characterized by movement, expression, power, protection, and stillness. There is a certain degree of abstraction in the work, although the human factor remains always recognizable. The bronze work called ‘relationship’ expresses the human emotions in a square form to give them guidance. Within this square, shapes are moving both inwards and outwards.

"The expressiveness and stillness are not unique for a specific period, just as the work which is related to the province of Limburg. The increase of the expressiveness is a reflection of the events occurring these days. The subdued sculptures, as well as most of the earlier work, show vulnerability, resilience, and a reflection of today’s society. 

"In the 80s and 90s the sculptures often derive their shapes from nature. I always start with an idea and try to find the most suitable material. A good example of this is the fountain in Brunssum. It is important for me that water is not a decorative element, it should be central in my work. Light, water, and the form must come together. I discovered all of these elements in a small orange flower, the so-called ‘wild lantern plant’ of which I did a microscopic examination. Afterward I searched for a material that suited the form of this very fragile plant. I looked for a material that expressed the subtility and fragility of the form, and where water and form flowed into each other. I found a material that was produced by DSM Resin, a transparent cast resin. The realization of a sculpture with this material was a real challenge due to the fact this material was never used for a sculpture in this size. DSM started the investigation and after many years, 1982, the fountain, build-up of transparent flowers, was realized. One out of the total amount of 29 transparent flowers is part of this exhibition.

"Sjra Schoffelen designed two more sculptures especially for DSM after this fountain, working with material produced by DSM. The first one can be found in the DSM head office in Heerlen (1985). Three vertical transparent lines that reflect the strong and innovative development of the company. The second one is “Triade”, located outside the office of DSM Zwolle, followed in 1991."

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