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Samples to progress pre-clinical and early clinical research globally

Unlocking scientific potential: place your request for a high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) API or CBD drug intermediate sample for pre-clinical and early clinical research purposes

In the ever-evolving landscape of scientific research, access to reliable, high-quality samples is paramount. Researchers and scientists continually seek for the gold standard to de-risk their research programs and increase the odds of success. dsm-firmenich has therefore introduced a program to support academics and progress CBD-based pre-clinical and early clinical research. As a purpose-led partner committed to excellence, we offer the opportunity to request CBD GMP API or formulated CBD drug intermediate samples for not-for-profit research purposes. 

Eligibility criteria


  • Research projects in pre-clinical or early science phase, including early stage, fundamental research into the effects of cannabinoids on mitigating specific medical conditions as well as deeper understanding of the human endocannabinoid system. The research must focus on pre-clinical models (i.e. cell and animal models).
  • Research projects in early clinical research conducted in humans, who can be either healthy volunteers or patients. The research focuses mainly on safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetic elements, and may look into early signs of effectiveness of a new medicine (or combination of medicines).
  • Researchers and scientists must be affiliated with a recognized research institution and actively engaged in early stage, fundamental, cannabinoid research.

Request process


  1. Submission of request form to zdravka.misic@dsm-firmenich.com (please use the subject line "CBD research sample request"). Requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year and will be assessed routinely.
  2. Holistic sample request qualification assessment by dsm-firmenich.
  3. Provided a positive validation, R&D sample is shipped to researcher. 
  4. Annual follow-up on research progress.

dsm-firmenich supports solid science conducted  for the benefit of patients and awards samples at its discretion, reserving the right to decline a request, if not compliant with dsm-firmenich’s ethical standards. For questions, please contact Zdravka Misic, Innovation Project Manager, at zdravka.misic@dsm-firmenich.com

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