Vitamins: More than just a letter

Good enough is not enough

When it comes to vitamins for the development of life enriching therapies, 'good enough' is not enough.

We believe vitamins have the potential to champion global patient health in sustainable and impactful ways. That’s why we go beyond vitamin active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). dsm-firmenich has a rich heritage in vitamin excellence. For 80 years, we’ve been at the forefront of vitamin advancements – that’s almost a century of production expertise, research developments and cutting-edge innovation. 

However, we think outside the realm of active ingredient development to deliver vitamin-based therapies that truly enhance patients’ lives. Our commitment to a healthier world is powered by unmatched regulatory expertise, the capabilities to unlock new opportunities globally and a robust supply network built on the highest quality and sustainability standards.


Committed to meeting your needs

Establishing a successful partnership from the outset sets the stage for a lasting collaboration. As leaders in the vitamins category with the most extensive portfolio the industry has to offer, we’re trusted by pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide to co-create patient-centric formulations – from concept to patient.

High quality vitamin portfolio

We are committed to vitamin ingredient and supply excellence to advance the future of global health – and the only company in the world that can provide DMFs and CEPs for all 13 vitamins. Our strict quality policies and advanced quality management systems give you the ultimate confidence that your vitamin-based therapies are compliant.

Technical expertise

Leveraging 80 years of vitamin brilliance and a 400-strong team of world-leading scientists, product specialists and industry experts, we are a reliable partner for the development of life-changing vitamin-based therapies. 

Global Network

All our vitamins are developed at our GMP-certified facilities – strategically located to provide reliable, secure and consistent supply. We meet the highest GDP standards for safety, compliance and sustainability across our global network; minimizing disruption risks and supporting your drug pipeline.

Leading sustainability

Awarded an EcoVadis Platinum certification, dsm-firmenich vitamins power the health of people and the planet. Our Imp'Act Card™ program and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expertise enables partners to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Regulatory expertise

We can help you succeed in the ever-evolving and competitive pharmaceutical industry by accelerating the registration and market entry process for your vitamin-based pharmaceuticals. With a global network of regulatory specialists, we have the expertise and local knowledge needed to help you navigate the ever-changing pharmaceutical landscape across multiple geographies and regions.

Vitamins are essential organic nutrients that aid metabolism, growth and physical well-being 

We are cutting-edge scientists, breakthrough innovators and passionate creators. Discover how we can work together to craft purpose-led therapies that meet the unique needs of patients globally. 


Together, let's redefine what vitamins
can achieve for global health.

Discover dsm-firmenich vitamins 

Vitamins are more than just a letter in the supplement space. They are paramount to humanity’s vitality. Discover how we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with vitamins to champion global health, address key consumer health concerns and unlock next-generation vitamin solutions. 

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