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When it comes to vitamins, an essential nutrient that powers humanity, good enough is not enough.

With a history of leading the vitamins category and over 80 years production experience, dsm-firmenich stands ready to champion global health. Drawing upon our vast range of high-quality products, customized solutions and expert services, we're fostering a sustainable future, raising the benchmark and bringing progress in vitamins to life. This takes more than ingredients; it takes a partner.

dsm-firmenich: Leadership in vitamins

More than 700 brands worldwide trust us to deliver essential solutions as a thought leader and pioneer in the vitamins category, reinforcing our commitment to championing global health.

Providing the essentials for life

Vitamins play a critical role in human health, and we recognize their profound impact on quality of life and well-being across the globe. And as part of our food system commitments, we are dedicated to closing the micronutrient gap of 800 million vulnerable people worldwide. With the broadest portfolio of vitamins in the world, including 13 essential vitamins and over 100 forms, dsm-firmenich ensures access to quality, sustainable and safe vitamin solutions that empower generations to embrace their full potential and nurture communities to thrive.​

A strong heritage in vitamins

For over 80 years, vitamins have been at the heart of our business, and our portfolio is deeply rooted in quality, safety and transparency. As well as being the first company to synthesize and produce vitamins A, D, E and K, we are pioneers in the production of vitamin C and B vitamins and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with vitamin technologies.

Powered by expert services

Going beyond ‘good enough’ takes more than just ingredients. It takes an end-to-end partner who can support you across your entire product development process - from concept to consumer. Our unmatched expert services enable you to push the boundaries of discovery, innovation and commercialization – backed by unique and patented production methods, products and forms.

Vitamins with purpose

Being a purpose-led partner means we’re transforming how vitamins can support the health of both people and planet. Our sustainability experts continually reevaluate our entire production and supply chain to explore new ways to reduce our environmental impact - as a result we’re proud to offer a selection of vitamins with the lowest carbon footprint available 1. We also took first place in the Sustainability and Circular Economy category at the US-based Manufacturing Leadership Council’s 2023 Manufacturing Leadership Awards.

 1. As compared to the leading vitamin supplier


Pioneering performance

We bring progress to life with new vitamin product innovations, breakthrough forms and over 16,000 patents* across our entire product portfolio – such as D-Biotin, the purest form of vitamin B7 available; ampli-D®, the most bioavailable form of vitamin D on the market; and Quali®-C, which has the lowest carbon footprint of all vitamin C on the market2,3,4. Across our vitamins portfolio and Power Brands, we offer the ability to scale up to custom Premix and Market-ready Solutions, enabling you to launch products with speed, efficiency and enduring success.

*Includes all categories of proprietary products from dsm-firmenich 

2. This statement is based on an internal Life Cycle Assessment that was independently verified by Pré Consultants in December 2018. The LCA has been updated with latest production insights using the previously verified approach in 2020. 

 3. This statement is based on dsm-firmenich internal business intelligence using latest market insights, permits and other publications.

4. As compared to main alternative source.

Only Western-sourced supplier of several vitamins

As the sole Western producer of several vitamins and the only company worldwide to hold both US DMF and CEP certificates for all 13 vitamins, we ensure full supply chain transparency with unrivaled market-specific regulatory and technical support globally. Our strong manufacturing footprint helps you scale up production and launch in new markets with custom nutrient premixes and market-ready solutions.

Championing global health

Today’s public health challenges demand visionary solutions. With a global network of more than 2,000 scientists and engineers, we are a thought leader in shaping the vitamins category and advocating for their status as an essential nutrient. By working closely with key opinion leaders and academia – as well as actively contributing to industry research and publications - dsm-firmenich continues to elevate vitamins through cutting-edge science for the future of global health.

A mark of distinction

To resonate more deeply with consumers around the world, we’re proud to offer customers trademark license agreements (TLAs) to leverage our Quali® and ampli® brands on vitamin product packaging. As well as acting as a mark of quality, TLAs help to strengthen our customers’ value propositions and ensure products stand out on shelves.

Unrivaled quality for greater peace of mind

Quality in vitamin manufacturing is about more than the end-product; it's a commitment to delivering the most reliable and highest-quality source of essential nutrients for the global population. dsm-firmenich continuously invests in ensuring we deliver the highest quality vitamins for public health. We carefully select the purest raw materials, maintain precision in every step of the process and safeguard our vitamins with the finest packaging. For example, we do not use whiteness agents in our production and our vitamin C boasts the best whiteness on the market.


Vitamins are essential organic nutrients that aid metabolism, growth and physical well-being 

Our Vitamins

We have the most extensive portfolio of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins in the industry. Like all dsm-firmenich solutions, our vitamins – whether as straights or in a customized premix - are of the highest quality.


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Our consumer-led approach is paired with unmatched tech and regulatory services that offer the broadest formulation and technical expertise. Imagine a precisely customized blend of functional ingredients, sourced from more than 1,400 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals – all in one single, efficient, homogenous premix, delivered in powdered, dry or liquid forms.

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