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dsm-firmenich and Indena®: Driving the future of nutraceuticals

Our strategic partnership with Indena® is set to revolutionize the nutraceutical industry, inspiring a new ‘Age of Nature’ where cutting-edge scientific research will unlock the true potential of combining botanicals with essential nutrients for human health.

With a focus on scientific substantiation, clinical testing and technological innovation, we’ll deliver next-generation dietary supplement solutions that inspire consumers to make health a priority in areas including gut health, brain health and sleep, cognition and healthy aging, all while ensuring a pleasurable sensory experience in convenient and enjoyable formats.


Harnessing nature’s power in next-generation dietary supplements solutions in delicious, easy-to-use formats

This strategic partnership combines dsm-firmenich's expertise in premix and flavor and taste sensorial services with Indena's innovative botanical ingredients to deliver cutting-edge formulations that harness the power of nature, utilizing clinically proven ingredients that target consumers' most pressing health needs.

However, we intend to go beyond efficacy to enhance the consumer experience and make the journey to holistic health more desirable. We combine our expertise in advanced flavor masking technologies and sensory experiences with Indena’s ingredients to create supplements that taste great and are easy-to-use, whether in convenient gummy or on-the-go stick powder formats.

End-to-end capabilities

Our expertise in premix, market-ready solutions and flavor masking technologies allows us to create innovative formulations that not only provide targeted health benefits but also offer an exceptional sensory experience.

Flavor masking and sensory experience

We leverage our flavor masking expertise to ensure that even the most potent ingredients are transformed into easy-to-consume supplements. Whether it's a great-tasting gummy or a convenient stick pack, our solutions are designed to make the consumer wellness journey enjoyable and hassle-free.


Pioneering the future of holistic health, powered by science

Both dsm-firmenich and Indena® are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in nutraceuticals. United, we combine a historic legacy of expertise in essential nutrients, biotics and botanical actives to develop innovative formulations that target multiple health areas such as digestive comfort, brain health and cognitive performance and healthy aging. 

Our approach involves carefully selecting clinically proven ingredients and combining them in unique ways to create next generation formulations. For example, combining biotics with botanicals to support the gut-brain axis and enhance digestive comfort; or combining ampli-D® with Quercefit® for healthy aging support. With the use of advanced flavor technologies and proprietary masking techniques, we expertly balance the taste and odors of functional ingredients to create products that prioritize sensory experience without compromising on efficacy.  By harnessing nature’s healing potential with scientific discovery, clinical testing and technological innovation, we will develop enjoyable and beneficial advanced solutions that can help make our world a healthier place.

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