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DSM’s Scientific Services provide expert support around life sciences, in particular nutrition sciences, tailored to your innovations and target consumers

We elaborate the scientific substantiation to meet the requirements of different stakeholder groups, including academia, the scientific community, regulatory experts, health care professionals and consumers. Our science-led advice enables you to design and market nutritional solutions based on
health benefit acumen.


Create targeted medical nutrition solutions for improved wound healing

Malnutrition and specific micronutrient deficiencies are factors that may further impair wound healing in patients with diabetes. Wound healing is a complex process that requires an adequate balance of energy, carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. In this white paper, we explore the latest science-based recommendations for nutritional therapy in patients with or at risk of DFU.

From Conception to Birth: The Importance of Maternal Nutrition

The nutrition and care that mothers and babies receive during the first 1,000 days - from conception until the child’s 2nd birthday - have an immense impact on long-term growth and development. Explore our whitepaper to discover the latest science and recommendations around maternal nutrition

HMOs: Inspired by nature, supported by science

As the most abundant non-digestible bioactive compounds in human milk, research on the potential health benefits of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) has expanded rapidly in recent years. Download DSM’s whitepaper to discover an in-depth look at preclinical and clinical studies on the mechanisms of action, potential health benefits, efficacy and safety of HMOs in early life nutrition applications and beyond. 

Immune health: a key area for medical nutrition innovation

The role of immunity in protecting people’s health is more important than ever, especially in elderly individuals who are more vulnerable to pathogens and viruses. In our new whitepaper, we explore the latest research behind nutrition and immune health and challenges associated with nutritional management in older people, including barriers to consumption and solutions to overcome them.

Nutritional lipids in medical nutrition solutions

Mounting evidence indicates that EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids help to support the management of specific medical needs in areas such as oncology, perioperative care and brain health. This whitepaper outlines the latest science on nutritional lipids, including which patients would benefit most from EPA and DHA intervention.

Nutritional lipids in medical nutrition: maintaining muscle health in the elderly and cancer patients

Preserving muscle health and decreasing the risk of muscle loss is becoming increasingly relevant as the number of sarcopenia and cancer cachexia cases rise worldwide. This whitepaper outlines the emerging role of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in supporting individuals experiencing muscle loss as the result of aging or disease.

Optimizing Immunity with Vitamin D

With vitamin D science evolving rapidly since the COVID-19 pandemic, our new whitepaper breaks down the latest research on the role of vitamin D in supporting immunity, as well as the potential of calcifediol in unlocking the benefits of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ more rapidly.

Nutritional Lipids: Supporting Health across the Lifespan

Nutritional lipids, including omega 3s, are crucial for optimal health at every stage of life. There are around 40,000 scientific papers, including over 4,000 human trials, dedicated to the study of omega-3s2. In our whitepaper, we lift the lid on the lesser-known benefits of one of the most research nutrients in the world.

Optimize your Immunity

A wide range of factors can have a negative impact on the body’s natural defense system. This white paper explores how nutritional solutions can help to optimize immune responses for population groups and individuals.

Upgrade your Vision

Eye health continues to be a challenge for healthcare services worldwide. Significant research presented in this whitepaper explains the role nutrition may play in protecting eye health across all life stages. 

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The Road to Good Nutrition

This is a work of advocacy, whose objective is to inform about the relationship between nutrition security and public health. It draws on the thinking and experience of renown experts in the field of nutrition and public health.

Good Nutrition

This book showcases the thinking of some of today’s most respected scientists. With clear presentation and argumentation, it offers a composite view of where global nutrition stands today and approaches for positive change.

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