dsm-firmenich Premix solutions for equitable nutrition

What are premixes?

Premix solutions are convenient, custom-formulated blends of multiple micronutrients that can be used to manufacture supplements or fortify foods to address nutritional deficiencies without protracted processing.  dsm-firmenich customizes premix to meet the specific needs of your beneficiary. For example, one premix containing Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, iron and zinc is used to fortify rice, and has been shown to have a positive impact on health and nutrition status. We can include exact blends of vitamins and minerals that are tailored to address the key deficiencies identified in a population, based on assessment of their micronutrient status.

How premixes support impactful nutritional interventions

Premix solutions are a cost-effective method of enhancing the nutrition of populations when they are used in large-scale initiatives, such as those to fortify foods or supplement distribution programs. These formulations are specially selected to ensure they are compatible with staple foods that are widely consumed. 

Premix solutions for equitable nutrition combine appropriate amounts of all the nutrients required for an effective tailored wellness program into one stabilized ingredient. This allows manufacturers to simply incorporate the premix into their existing processes without needing to source, store and add multiple nutrient ingredients separately. 

Fortifying staple foods is an accepted, evidence-based strategy that can cost-effectively address micronutrient deficiencies at scale2. Effective fortification programs are more achievable when custom premix solutions can be adapted to the nutritional needs of target populations. The result is effective staple fortified foods that deliver essential micronutrients to those who need it most, and a cost-efficient, scalable business model that leverages existing production and distribution systems, delivering on profit and purpose. 


dsm-firmenich customizable premixes

Our tailored Premix solutions for equitable nutrition support our partners to create products that improve global nutrition and health. We provide over 300 research-backed concepts to inspire the development of fortified foods and supplements that resolve the most significant micronutrient deficiencies. Our broad portfolio includes over 1,400 non-GMO and organic ingredients for the creation of customized blends that are appropriate for multiple global markets in solid or liquid formats. 

dsm-firmenich expert services takes a partner-led approach to streamline operations and get enriched products to market faster. With unrivaled quality across the product lifecycle, we can guarantee safety, efficacy and reliable supply.

As a purpose-led partner passionate about improving lives, dsm-firmenich provides the innovative ingredients, technical expertise, and worldwide scope to achieve your ambitious nutrition goals. We consider all aspects of what makes a successful premix blend, including processing constraints, shelf-life and the nutritional needs that we are targeting.

Choose dsm-firmenich Premix solutions for seamless product development

We provide unmatched expertise and support across the entire product creation process to accelerate the development of effective nutritional interventions. Our scientists identify pressing nutritional needs to guide the creation of the micronutrient solutions that the world needs. Meanwhile, our technical formulation capabilities, such as our expertise in creating customized nutrient blends and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, can shorten the development timeline by months compared to other approaches. With 15 international plants and over 2,000 top scientists worldwide, ideas quickly develop from concepts to effective nutritional interventions, from scale-up to roll-out. 

Our regulatory and compliance functions de-risk the process to provide assurance that solutions can be delivered wherever required. We consolidate complex value chains into a streamlined solution for the rapid delivery of fortified foods and supplements tailored to local needs.

Bring purpose to life with dsm-firmenich custom Premix solutions. 


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  1.  Guideline: fortification of rice with vitamins and minerals as a public health strategy. WHO 2018. 
  2. World Food Programme. Food fortification — an effective and safe way to fight micronutrient malnutrition and its consequences. 2019. Pg. 4.