Nature-identical astaxanthin, AstaSana™ allows you to provide more health benefits to more people.


Today’s consumers are looking for something new - proactively searching for products to boost their overall health and wellness.

Stand out from the competition with AstaSana™, a high quality, high potency antioxidant that allows you to offer a wide variety of health and wellness benefits your customers want. 

Hello AstaSana™

Nature-identical astaxanthin, AstaSana™ is a high quality, high potency carotenoid with a vibrant red/pink color. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that addresses a multitude of health and wellness benefits:

AstaSana™ 5% CWS/S-TG (5016378)

Product information:

  • Bio-identical to astaxanthin found in nature (shrimp, krill)
  • 5% astaxanthin content
  • A violet-colored, free-flowing, fine granular powder.
  • Made with dsm-firmenich’s Actilease® Technology for excellent stability and better bioavailability
  • Non-GMO, Non-Animal, Halal, and OU Kosher Made in Europe
  • Suited well for solid dosage forms
  • Dispersible in cold water
  • Astaxanthin is finely dispersed in a matrix of modified food starch and glucose syrup. dl-α-Tocopherol and sodium ascorbate are antioxidants

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NOTE: For AstaSana™, the term antioxidant refers to biological antioxidant activity and not antioxidant activity as defined by the FDA. FDA reserves use of the term “antioxidant activity” for nutrients with a chemical preservative activity which have antimicrobial effects for food preservation.  We suggest the use of similar qualifying language if considering the use as a front of pack claim.

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