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Omega-3s are one of the most widely recognized ingredients on the shelf and are well known for their eye, heart and brain health benefits. So why is it that less than 20% of the global population consume the recommended 250mg/day? One barrier is the lack of plant-based options in the market, as 62% report a preference for a plant-based source of omega-3.1

Consumers are searching for more accessible ways to achieve holistic health and wellbeing. Omega-3s offer a range of expanded health benefits that help keep the world’s population healthy, supporting top consumer health concerns such as immunity, sports performance, sleep and positive mood.

life’s®OMEGA is the first and only commercially available plant-based omega-3 that delivers the benefits of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) fatty acids in a single, quality source. But it takes more than ingredients to unlock innovation in the omega-3 market; it takes an end-to-end partner to support you at every stage of your product development process.

Explore a product with real purpose when you innovate with life’s®OMEGA.

It's time to change the conversation around omega-3s

Nutritional Lipids

Supporting health across the lifespan

Nutritional lipids, including omega 3s, are crucial for optimal health at every stage of life. There are around 40,000 scientific papers, including over 4,000 human trials, dedicated to the study of omega-3s2. In our whitepaper, we lift the lid on the lesser-known benefits of one of the most research nutrients in the world.

Discover the NEW additions to our life’s®OMEGA portfolio

Power up your omega-3s, sustainably with our newly expanded life’s®OMEGA portfolio – now featuring life’s®OMEGA O1030DS and life’s®OMEGA Ultra*, the most potent omega-3s in our life’s® range EVER. The life’s®OMEGA portfolio is 100% vegan, naturally derived from algae and non-GMO. Plus, by using algae that’s sustainably cultivated, there’s zero impact on the marine ecosystem.

Download our brochure to find out how our life’s®OMEGA portfolio can help you unlock new omega-3 innovation opportunities linked to trending consumer health concerns. 

*May not be available in all regions, please contact your regional sales rep for more information 

Expanded health benefits

Use the latest omega-3 science to attract new consumers

Plant-based and sustainably cultivated

100% fermented from natural, non-GMO algae, with zero impact on the marine ecosystem

Get to market faster

life's®OMEGA is available as a market-ready solution, helping you bring purpose-led omega-3 innovations to market quickly

Omega-3 emerging benefits beyond traditional use

There's more to omega-3s than meets the eye (heart and brain), with awareness of their benefits beyond traditional use on the rise. Discover the science behind these emerging health areas and explore the sustainable innovation potential of life's®OMEGA in our webinar. 

A science-backed, sustainable solution for the next generation of consumers

The health and nutrition landscape is evolving and calling for science-backed omega-3 products that tap into holistic health and wellbeing. In our webinar, discover everything you need to know about EPA and DHA, their mode of action in the body, and how life's®OMEGA can help you deliver people-inspired omega-3 innovation.

life's® Limitless
when you choose algal-sourced omega-3

More sustainable, more potent and more enjoyable to consume.

Your end-to-end partner for omega-3 innovation

dsm-firmenich is leading the way in omega-3 market with its enhanced life's®OMEGA portfolio. As your end-to-end solutions provider, dsm-firmenich is your partner from concept to consumer. We help you get to market faster with the high-quality ingredients, customized solutions and expert services you need to create health benefit-driven, purpose-led omega-3 products.

Contact us to discover how you can turn your omega-3 vision into a purpose-led finished product.

The dsm-firmenich Immunity Report vol. 2: Uncover emerging immune health trends

Immune health continues to be a top priority for year-round wellbeing, with consumers exploring new and diverse approaches to support their immunity. Download the new report and watch our video to discover the latest immunity trends and how you can leverage these insights to ensure your portfolio addresses consumers’ most important health priorities.


  1. DSM consumer insights survey, 2019.
  2. GOED. About EPA and DHA., accessed December 2019.

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