life's® Limitless when you choose
algal-sourced omega-3

More sustainable, more potent and more enjoyable to consume.

Limitless. Sustainable. Potent. 

Omega-3s from algae can scale with our planet’s growing population.
With twice the potency – naturally – and all the benefits of fish oil.
Giving more people than ever before access to heart, brain, eye and immune benefits.



Rising water temperatures have created challenges for many fisheries around the world, driving up the cost of fish oil. However, our algal solution offers premium quality at a price point tied to our ability to innovate, rather than being tied to environmental factors, which are beyond the control of producers.

Supply Chain 

While it can take up to 24 months to source fish oil, algal oil can be cultivated, grown and fully refined into a pristine nutritional oil within 25 days. By cutting down supply chain time, you get the purest, freshest and most potent omega-3, without the wait. Plus, unlike fish oil, algal oil starts pure, eliminating the need for extensive investments in purification. Your journey to optimal health is limitless and swift.


Make a difference with your choice. Our extensive Life Cycle Assessment study proves that our life’s® products have a lower environmental impact compared to their fish-based alternatives. By opting for algal omega-3, you actively participate in preserving marine ecosystems and reducing your environmental footprint.


Not all omega-3s are created equal. Our algal omega-3 is naturally twice as potent as standard fish oil. It's rich in EPA and DHA, delivering superior health benefits.* What sets us apart is not just the potency, but also the taste, delivering a superior user experience with every dose.

*Compared to MEG-3 alternatives

Innovative Pipeline

We're not just keeping up; we're leading the way. Our innovative pipeline is packed with advancements in EPA and DHA, coupled with cutting-edge technology. This ensures our omega-3 is not only potent, but also scalable, maintaining a competitive price point. Experience the future of omega-3 today.

Nutritional Deficiency

Algal omega-3 isn't just a supplement; it's a solution. Sourced from limitless raw materials, we deliver essential nutrition to millions in need, worldwide - with 80% of the global population being deficient in omega-3. By choosing algal omega-3, you ensure your body receives the life-enhancing benefits of omega-3, such as heart and immune benefits, as well as brain health at all of life’s stages, promoting optimal health and vitality for everyone.

Allergy and vegan friendly

Your end-to-end partner for omega-3 innovation,
dsm-firmenich is leading the way in the omega-3 market with its enhanced life's®OMEGA portfolio. As your end-to-end solutions provider, dsm-firmenich is your partner from concept to consumer, helping you create the products that consumers are looking for.

Quality and safety

Algae products are often grown in ponds located
on arid land, exposing the algae to potential contaminants. dsm-firmenich has made significant investments in facilities to produce trusted, traceable, pure and potent life’s®OMEGA for human nutrition. Made in North America, it’s non-GMO and solvent-free.

History born from innovation

dsm-firmenich’s leading omega-3 innovation is based on research by NASA to study the use of algae for food and oxygen supply in space. Going directly to microalgae rather than fish oil makes no difference to the clinical benefits, but in switching to life’s® portfolio products, the ecological benefits are huge.

Your end-to-end partner for omega-3 innovation 

Your end-to-end partner for omega-3 innovation, dsm-firmenich is leading the way in the omega-3 market with its enhanced life's®OMEGA portfolio. As your end-to-end solutions provider, dsm-firmenich is your partner from concept to consumer. We help you get to market faster with the high-quality ingredients, customized solutions and expert services you need to create health benefit-driven, purpose-led omega-3 products. Contact us to discover how you can turn your omega-3 vision into a purpose-led finished product.

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