5 ways Fruitflow® supports heart health during menopause

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The use of Fruitflow® during menopause

  • Declining oestrogen levels and other changes during menopause can contribute to health issues such as hypertension and thrombosis in women. These factors may result in the risk of cardiovascular disease increasing 50% faster than before menopause.
  • Maintaining normal blood platelet aggregation and blood pressure can combat the associated risk factors for cardiovascular health in menopausal women.
  • Both diet and supplementation can help maintain healthy platelet aggregation and blood pressure. Fruitflow®, a nutraceutical ingredient in dsm-firmenich’s portfolio, supports a healthy heart by contributing to healthy blood flow.

CVD risk rises as oestrogen levels decline

During menopause, declining oestrogen levels may cause variations in the body, from metabolism fluctuation to lower levels of nitric oxide and prostacyclin. These changes can contribute to health issues such as hypertension, thrombosis and heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of mortality worldwide1 and costs EU economies as much as €210 billion a year2. While the risk of CVD increases for everyone as they get older, the risk rises more quickly for women during and after menopause, in part due to hormonal changes and the changing behavior of blood platelets.

A prevention-led solution with Fruitflow®  

dsm-firmenich’s Fruitflow® is a natural ingredient made from bioactive compounds found in the jelly around tomato seeds. Tomatoes are crushed to a paste and then the skin and seeds are removed. The compounds are then extracted from the clear juice and concentrated to create Fruitflow®.

The ingredient has been evaluated by EFSA and granted the first approved Article 13.5 (proprietary) health claim by the European Commission in 2009, which confirmed Fruitflow® helps maintain normal platelet aggregation contributing to healthy blood flow. In powder format, it is ideal for use in dietary supplements and the recommended dosage is 150mg a day.

Here, Ruedi Duss, Global Marketing & Business Manager for dsm-firmenich, talks us through the top five benefits of Fruitflow® for heart health during menopause:

1. Smooths blood platelets

During menopause, the body produces less nitric oxide and prostacyclin, two natural antiplatelet molecules. This can lead to platelets becoming ‘sticky’. While this is essential when it comes to clotting to prevent blood loss from injury, if circulating platelets are persistently sticky, they can aggregate inside blood vessels and potentially cause blood clots, presenting a number of issues for cardiovascular health.

The primary function of Fruitflow® is to smooth blood platelets, protecting against hyperactivity and unwanted blood clots, ultimately aiding healthy blood flow.

2. No side effects

For those considered high risk for CVD, such as individuals already experiencing high blood pressure or a previous cardiovascular event, drugs with an antiplatelet effect are often recommended. Aspirin is a drug commonly used for this purpose however, it has been linked to a range of negative health consequences, including stomach damage and an increased risk of strokes.

Acting as a natural alternative, Fruitflow® is easy on the stomach and has no side effects or increased risk of bleeding.

3. Allows essential clotting

Although compounds in Fruitflow® have been shown to affect aspects of platelet function, such as thrombin generation, it does not disrupt the rest of the blood clotting process. This is key as it increases the safety of the supplement, to ensure essential clotting will take place as usual following an injury.

In clinical studies, clotting time of people consuming Fruitflow® showed no significant increases from baseline levels.

4. Lowers blood pressure

Fruitflow® also tackles high blood pressure, furthering its benefits for general heart health. In studies, it has been shown to lower blood pressure for people at risk of hypertension, another common health concern for women in menopause due to changing hormone levels.

A single dose of Fruitflow® has been shown to have a significant reduction in average blood pressure over 24 hours. Managing this alongside blood flow means the ingredient is addressing two key factors for cardiovascular health.

5. True primary prevention

A prevention-led approach to maintaining cardiovascular health is recommended by many leading authorities, including the European Society of Cardiology3. Despite this, poor blood circulation is often not addressed until a significant build-up of risk is present. An individual is only prescribed drugs with antiplatelet effects, such as aspirin, when there is thought to be sufficient risk. This is considered a secondary prevention approach.

Drugs are not typically prescribed as a primary prevention because the adverse side effects that can arise from these medications, such as aspirin, are generally considered to outweigh the health benefits when the build-up of risk isn’t significant.

Solutions that don’t cause adverse side effects, however, can provide a new alternative in antiplatelet ingredients. Therefore Fruitflow® is a practical solution for a primary prevention-led approach.

To learn more about Fruitflow® and its benefits for heart health during menopause, download the whitepaper, or visit "DSM Human Nutrition Nutraceutical Ingredients" website.  

*Disclaimer: All drugs claims permissible in the EU.

Published on

20 August 2019


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