Our cutting-edge nutraceutical ingredients add a powerful edge to your brands

Today’s consumers are becoming more health conscious than ever.

dsm-firmenich's family of nutraceuticals enable you to help consumers perform at their peak – as well as address future health concerns - like cardiovascular health and weight management. Our nutraceuticals fit easily into people’s daily diet and offer positive, lifestyle-oriented wellness and nutritional benefits.


Fabuless® is a dietary product that may help support appetite control by triggering the natural appetite control mechanism known as the ‘ileal brake’. Fabuless® is a patented oil-in-water emulsion that can be added to dairy applications and ready-to-drink shakes; or in its spray-dried form to powdered beverage mixes.


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a natural, vitamin-like substance found in our cells, and  is involved in almost every process in the human body from general metabolism to muscle, heart and brain activity. It’s also a powerful cellular antioxidant. We offer two forms of ALL-Q™ (CoQ10) for food supplements and fortification. 


Fruitflow® harnesses the anti-platelet compounds of tomato fruit, which helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow. This natural, healthy and safe ingredient can be used in food, beverage and dietary supplement applications.

Fruitflow® is the first natural, scientifically-substantiated solution contributing to healthy blood flow.


dsm-firmenich's geniVida® is a unique genistein-based ingredient for women‘s health. It offers documented short-term relief - menopause symptom relief including reduction of hot flashes - and long-term bone health benefits. 


PeptoPro® is a highly advanced peptide formulation derived from dairy protein. Containing all 20 amino acids needed for muscle protein synthesis, these molecules are so small, they need no digestion and can be absorbed quickly by the body for instant delivery to the muscle. 


You and your customers can uncork the health benefits of red wine with resVida® - a unique dietary and food ingredient from dsm-firmenich. resVida® is a high-potency and convenient trans-resveratrol for healthy aging and healthy heart.


Metafolin® is a highly bioavailable form of folate for expectant mothers and infants. It is the nature identical form of folate found in foods, known for its role in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Additionally, methylfolate is the predominant folate source in breast milk, supporting infant brain development. Explore our full offering of Metafolin® for both maternal and infant nutriton solutions.

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