Win the hearts (and minds) of consumers: Insights to inspire advanced nootropic formulas

By:  Talking Nutrition Editors



  • In a world that never slows down, and where daily challenges demand peak performance, unlocking the full potential of our cognitive abilities has become more essential than ever.
  • This is creating a growing desire for advanced solutions that will help to supercharge cognitive function and there’s one category emerging on top – nootropics. 
  • The dsm-firmenich Nootropics Report is designed to support you in developing brain health products that appeal to today’s consumers – revealing the trends, untapped opportunities and decision influencers powering the future of the category. Download it now to inspire your next cognitive health breakthrough.

Find out what consumers really think about nootropics in our insights-powered report to bring smarter brain health products to market.

The idea that we can enhance our brain's capabilities with a simple dietary supplement may sound like science fiction. But that’s exactly what nootropics are making a reality. Nootropics are inspiring a new realm of possibilities in the cognitive enhancement space and wider brain health category – and consumers are waking up to the unique benefits these supplements can deliver. But in a market positioned to burst with new developments, how can brands secure their position at the forefront of nootropics innovation to capture the hearts (and minds) of consumers? 

When it comes to achieving genuine breakthroughs in the realm of health and wellness, the key lies in the capacity to identify and respond to signals of change. In the Nootropics Report, we shed light on insights gathered from the voice of the consumer – revealing the trends, unexplored territories and decision drivers shaping the next generation of brain health products. We also provide expert-powered recommendations for turning these insights into actionable strategies to ensure that brands can stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of nootropics. 

More than quick-fix ‘energy boosts’

One theme the Nootropics Report explores is why it’s time to take a new approach to innovation in the nootropic market to attract today’s modern consumer. More and more individuals agree that emotional wellness holds just as much importance as physical health for their overall wellbeing. However, feelings of stress and anxiety have become prevalent, along with poor sleep hygiene and an inability to relax.

Consequently, more consumers are actively seeking ways to address these aspects of their health to support holistic wellbeing. They want more from their brain health solutions – preferring products that ‘switch on’ cognitive function to give them the mental edge they need, while promoting feelings of calm and control. To cater to the rising demand for products that will help consumers thrive, brands must reimagine innovation in this domain.

Introducing the concept of nootropics+. These advanced nootropics-based formulas go beyond cognitive enhancement and performance alone to support other aspects of health – creating an all-round brain powering (and calming) experience. 

Unlock the brain’s full potential with dsm-firmenich

dsm-firmenich can help you transform consumer insights into cutting-edge brain health solutions. We’re at the forefront of advancements in the brain health and cognitive enhancement landscapes and we can help you access wider market opportunities faster and with confidence. 

When you partner with dsm-firmenich, you get an innovative, end-to-end partner, inspired by consumers’ most pivotal health needs to ideate your next product with purpose. We understand the shifting needs of consumers globally and how supplements can help to deliver brain health benefits safely and conveniently. We also know that purpose can be the difference between simply driving consumer interest and differentiating your product on the store shelf. That’s why we channel all our curiosity, insights and innovation expertise into every product we help to create. This takes more than ingredients. It takes a partner. 

Find out what consumers really think about these brain-boosting supplements in our Nootropics Report – your data-driven guide to understanding the ever-evolving needs of today’s consumer. Download now:

Published on

01 November 2023


5 min read

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