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The global brain health supplement category is booming, expected to grow at a CAGR of 8% – double that of the dietary supplement market itself. What’s fuelling rising demand for brain health solutions? The aging population, ‘always on’ digital environment, fast-paced lifestyles and post-pandemic surge in mental health awareness are key factors putting cognitive health in focus. Now, cognitive supplements that help to manage stress and anxiety, enhance productivity or boost energy levels to those that facilitate deeper quality sleep are front of mind for many individuals today. So how can brands stay ahead to win the hearts (and minds) of consumers? 

When you partner with dsm-firmenich you get access to industry-leading solutions that meet the demands of high-growth, fast-evolving health areas – like the brain health category. Our broad portfolio of high-quality products, customized solutions and expert services are designed to provide end-to-end support – from concept to consumer; inspiring the development of category-disrupting products that will stand out on the shelves. Plus, with a value-added portfolio of Premix and Market-ready Solutions, we also support with faster development and rapid scale-up.

of adults say their mental and physical health are equally important1

1. dsm-firmenich DSM proprietary data from Q1 2022 social listening report conducted by Brandwatch.

 of consumers in US and 59% in UK concerned about brain and memory health2

2. Trust Transparency Center’s ITC (Ingredient Transparency Center), 2021.

of consumers are taking proactive steps to improve their mental and cognitive health 3

3. Grand View Research. Brain Health Supplements Market Size,  Share & Trends Analysis Report By Product, By Application, By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2022 – 2030.

Think differently about nootropics 

The nootropics category holds huge innovation potential for dietary supplement brands. But consumers are redefining what ‘nootropic’ means. 

Insights tell a broader story – that there is a growing space for next
generation supplements which go beyond cognitive enhancement alone
to unlock the full potential of the brain by expanding into the realms of sleep, mood and stress.

Find out what consumers really think about nootropics in our insights-powered report to bring smarter brain health products to market.



Our broad range of science-proven nutritional solutions is inspired by consumer needs and developed with high-quality ingredients to help create brighter lives worldwide. As your end-to-end partner, our people-powered, purpose-led products can help you develop dietary supplement innovations that deliver real brain health benefits.


Customized Solutions

We understand how challenging it can be to balance the steps in the supplement development process with the need to bring solutions to market rapidly – especially when consumers want reliable and efficacious formulations in a range of formats. That’s why we offer unique customized solutions, from Premixes to Market-ready Solutions, to help you deliver cutting-edge products to consumers with speed. Explore our customized solutions to discover how dsm-firmenich can turn your ideas into impactful innovations with ease.

Expert Services

We are more than an ingredient supplier. We’re leading the industry’s thinking behind brain health advancements. dsm-firmenich offers expertise across the product development journey; including innovation and R&D knowledge, unrivaled market insights, regulatory and quality services, application and technical support and scientific research – helping you create industry-leading cognitive health solutions packed with purpose. And we do so in tandem with key opinion leaders from across the industry to inspire and inform next-generation innovation.

Your end-to-end partner for
brain health innovation

It takes more than an ingredient supplier to bring pioneering products to market.
It takes a partner. dsm-firmenich’s passion for simplifying science helps to accelerate the development process, from concept to consumer; enabling you to bring your next big dietary supplement innovation to market faster. This includes providing the development, production, regulatory and global roll-out support you need to seize new opportunities in key growth areas including cognitive health, mental-wellbeing and sleep.

When you partner with dsm-firmenich you get an innovative, end-to-end partner inspired by consumers’ most pivotal health needs to deliver your next product with purpose. Start the conversation with one of our experts today to take your brain health product to the next level.

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