Hologram Sciences™ Reveals Latest Brand, Phenology™, at Innovation Summit

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  • Hologram Sciences™, in partnership with dsm-firmenich, presented its inaugural Innovation Summit on February 22nd, 2022. 
  • Hologram Sciences™ was launched by dsm-firmenich, just under a year ago, as a dedicated entity for consumer-facing personalized nutrition solutions. 
  • The event featured a live leadership Q&A, plus the reveal of Hologram’s latest brand, Phenology, and its mission to pioneer new solutions in women's health.

Hologram Sciences' Inaugural Innovation Summit

On February 22, 2022, the Hologram Sciences Leadership team hosted the company’s first nutrition innovation summit, broadcast live from Kaiseraugst Switzerland. Over 500 attendees registered to learn about Hologram’s personalized nutrition offering, the speed of progress in the personalized nutrition market and to be inspired about future partnership opportunities in the personalized nutrition space. During the event, Hologram unveiled its new brand, PhenologyTM, focused on women's health and announced its strategic partnership with Inne, a Berlin-based start-up focusing on a novel, non-invasive diagnostic platform.


Making it personal

Launched by dsm-firmenich just under a year ago, Hologram Sciences™ is a dedicated entity for consumer-facing personalized nutrition solutions. Hologram’s first brand, d.velopTM, launched last May in record time—just 81 days from inception to launch. Offering a personalized approach to immunity, d.velopTM combines in-home vitamin D tests, proprietary fast-acting vitamin D supplements and an interactive app offering personalized insights on your immunity status, as well as nutrition and lifestyle coaching. The entire experience, encompassing digital platform, coaching, diagnostic and nutritional product was fine tuned in under three months. The brand has been embraced by consumers, with double-digit sales growth, high rates of subscription and conversion and a wealth of insights on how Hologram is advancing its mission to raise vitamin D levels


Introducing timely, tailored, natural menopausal management

After the success of d.velopTM, the team is turning its attention to women’s health. Hologram Sciences’ new consumer brand, PhenologyTM, offers advanced at-home diagnostics, hormone tracking and custom insights for women before, during and after menopause. Fully personalized to their unique needs, users can follow a targeted wellness program with appropriate supplements and science-backed, naturally powerful health and beauty essentials. They can also access one-on-one coaching and expert advice to unlock timely relief throughout their menopause journey.

PhenologyTM is steered by a women-led team of experts, scientists and advisors seeking to advance science and subject matter expertise in an area largely overlooked by the medical profession. The brand will launch initially in North America.


Breakthrough non-invasive biomarker monitoring platform

Hologram Sciences is also unveiling a new, exclusive, partnership with femtech start-up Inne. The German-based company has developed the world’s first at-home non-invasive fertility monitoring system. The novel diagnostic and tracking platform uses saliva to determine hormone levels in real time. Already CE certified for use in the European Union, and with US FDA certification in progress, Inne’s portable “minilab” has wider potential applications along a range of health conditions, closely aligned with the Hologram Sciences roadmap.

CEO of Hologram Sciences, Ian Brady, said, “The importance of usable, convenient and non-invasive testing devices cannot be underestimated. Until recently many diagnostics could only be reliably performed on blood, and we are thrilled to be announcing our partnership with Inne as they offer a genuine alternative for a range of biomarkers. Going forward this will be key to the easy adoption of personalized nutrition solutions by consumers and we will be working tightly with Inne on integrating their platform as a crucial component in our concepts as we build a future of better personalized health”.

Reimagining the future of nutrition

Hologram’s concepts combine proprietary expertise and technologies covering digital experiences, on-demand coaching, in-home tracking and diagnostics, as well as bespoke nutritional ingredients to solve for key consumer needs. Following commercial validation in the market, the concepts will be made available to dsm-firmenich customers through licensing and partnership opportunities. 


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23 February 2022


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