Seeing immunity differently: top 5 trends driving innovation in dietary supplements

By:  Talking Nutrition Editors

  • Immunity – it’s on top of everyone’s mind; largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forever changed consumer attitudes and behaviors towards health and immunity, and the way we view nutrition. 
  • But what does the immune health market look like beyond 2021, and what other trends are expected to drive dietary supplement innovation forward to meet the evolving needs and preferences of consumers?
  • The dsm-firmenich Immunity Report is designed to support you in developing immunity products that resonate with today’s consumers – from revealing the top five trends in the market, to how DSM can help you turn these insights into products that stand out on the shelves as an end-to-end partner. 

Tap into the latest trends driving the immunity market forward and optimize your dietary supplement portfolio to deliver the most relevant solutions of today. Download dsm-firmenich’s Immunity Report to learn more. 

Today’s consumers are becoming more invested in their health and wellbeing, especially in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has put immune health in the spotlight for many. 65% of consumers say they are now more conscious of their immunity since the pandemic emerged1, and 36% report using products to help strengthen their immune systems2.

This is true for specific scenarios – like when we feel a cold coming on, or when we plan to travel. But prevention is at the forefront of our minds too. We’re making our immune health a priority day-to-day, so that we can build a resilient immune system that is futureproof and can support us throughout our lifetime. This is true for the 67% of consumers globally who are interested in products that boost immunity, even if they have no symptoms.3

At the same time, there are factors affecting consumer purchasing behaviors beyond buying products for their health benefits alone. Since spending the best part of 2020 inside, we’ve developed a new appreciation for nature. This translates to the products we buy too. People are seeking more natural ingredients that are also backed by science. And, when it comes to how we consume dietary supplement products, many of us are looking for alternative delivery systems – leading to new and exciting formats entering the market, like gummies, shots and stick packs.

In this changing environment, dsm-firmenich has uncovered five key trends – available in the dsm-firmenich Immunity Report – that will help you navigate the evolving immune health market, spot opportunities for your business and ultimately deliver unique dietary supplement products.

Think immunity, think dsm-firmenich

Together, we can do amazing things for immunity. When you partner with dsm-firmenich to develop immunity solutions, you get an innovative, end-to-end partner, inspired by the end consumers’ most pivotal health needs to ideate your next product with purpose. We understand the shifting needs of consumers globally and how supplements can help to deliver immunity benefits safely and conveniently. We also know that purpose can be the difference between just driving consumer interest and differentiating your product on the store shelf. That’s why we pour all our curiosity, insights and innovation expertise into every product we help to create. This takes more than ingredients. It takes a partner. 

Discover the latest insights in the NEW dsm-firmenich Immunity Report – your data-driven guide to understanding the ever-evolving immunity needs of today’s consumer.

Published on

11 October 2021


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