Human milk oligosaccharides

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HMOs: the next generation gut health supporting nutrient for dietary supplements

Consumer interest in gut health has increased threefold in the last five years,1 indicating this is quickly becoming a priority for many individuals worldwide. A staggering 74% of consumers aim to eat foods that support a healthy microbiome and 57% of consumers are interested in products that enhance their digestion.2 This strong consumer pull creates an opportunity for brands to leverage emerging science to bring new and innovative gut health solutions to the dietary supplements market. Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are unique, gut-strengthening nutrients, scientifically proven to support digestive health and immunity, which is closely linked to the gut. An already important nutrient in infant nutrition commonly found in human milk, advancements in science now allow the benefits of HMOs to be leveraged throughout life via dietary supplement innovation.


57% interested in enhancing their digestion

Driven by lifestyle disruption in an ever-changing world, consumer demand for gut health is on the rise.

HMOs help build a stronger gut

Emerging clinical data demonstrates that supplementation with select HMOs can positively impact the gut microbiota.3

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DSM's market-leading HMO portfolio and regulatory approvals help you bring pupose-led, science-backed gut health solutions to consumers.

Your guide to HMOs and gut health

Interested in expanding your offering to support digestive health? Explore the benefits of HMOs in consumer health and learn how DSM supports dietary supplement innovation with its comprehensive GlyCare™ HMO portfolio.

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Our GlyCare™ HMOs do more to help consumers stay healthy, active and resilient throughout life. DSM is a market-leading pioneer of safe, science-backed oligosaccharides. We are the world’s leading innovator and supplier, offering the broadest portfolio of commercially available HMOs globally. Discover how our GlyCare™ range provides the building blocks for nutrition solutions targeting key health areas, including gut, across all life stages.



Building a stronger gut through Triple Action


Selectively feeds good bacteria.


Attenuates the influence of undesirable bacteria onto human cells.


Decreases the adhesion of undesirable bacteria to human intestinal cells.

GlyCare™ 2FL

2’FL (2’fucosyllactose) is the most abundant fucosylated HMO in human milk at ~2g/L, particularly well-known for its role in infant health and, more recently, its benefits across life. Research shows that GlyCare™ 2’FL helps to balance gut microbiota by stimulating beneficial bacteria, such as bifidobacterial.4 It may also support gut barrier function5,6 and immunity7,8.

GlyCare™ LNnT

LNnT is one of the most abundant neutral core HMOs in human milk. Like GlyCare™ 2’FL, GlyCare™ LNnT promotes the growth of ‘good’ bacteria and therefore supports balanced gut microbiota.9,10,11 Further science shows that it may also help to develop and mature the gut, strengthen the gut barrier4 and support immune function12.

Your end-to-end partner for HMO innovation

DSM is spearheading innovation in the field of oligosaccharides with the widest range of commercially available HMOs. As a reliable end-to-end, innovative and purpose-led provider, DSM offers a broad portfolio of science-backed products and customized solutions powered by expert services uniquely aimed at supporting your entire product life cycle, from concept to consumer. This takes more than ingredients, it takes a partner.

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HMO Donation Program

The HMO donation program was established in 2010 to expand the knowledge and support the research in HMOs. All healthcare professionals, researchers and academics interested in the field of Human Milk Oligosaccharide research can apply for HMO donation.

To date, DSM has supported over 100 research projects through the donation program. These projects span 55 different research centers all around the globe. The donation program accesses DSM’s HMO library, which contains nearly 20 different HMO structures and mixtures.


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